CVS Pharmacy does its part

CVS Pharmacy does its part

Clark Howard

Faith Williams, Staff Writer

On September 21, 2017, CVS Pharmacy announced that they will begin limitations on opioid drug prescriptions. Opioid medications will be available in increments of seven-day supplies only.

The company’s intention is to put a dent in the addiction/overdose epidemic in the United States.

Since 1999, the demand for opioid prescriptions has nearly quadrupled. Every day, nearly seven thousand people are rushed to the emergency room due to misuse of prescriptions drugs. This skyrocket in the drug use is causing a widespread national issue as President Trump stated in a recent interview.

“The opioid crisis is an emergency, and I’m saying it officially right now, it is an emergency,” Trump told reporters. “It’s a national emergency.”

The medications are -or should be- temporary relief from pain.  However, use of these medications over time can increase a patient’s dependency on them, and they can easily become addicted.

The patients themselves are not always the only victim, though. The struggle of addiction can also be lived through and experienced by those close to the addict.

“Medications definitely take a toll on people. Both physical and mental. Once somebody begins to depend on a substance, it is hard for them to live without it,” said Lexi Hovan, who is in recovery from an addiction.

However, Hovan believes that certain medications need to be available when there is need.

“It could be difficult for people who genuinely need pain medication to access it.”

What CVS hopes to accomplish is to prevent the abuse and addiction of prescription drugs. The company states they have teamed up to make drug collection units  available to local law enforcement agencies. Drug collection units are safe area for patients to drop off extra medication.

CVS pharmacists are also now obligated to refuse prescriptions of addictive substances unless they are written up for legitimate reasons. Doctors must include the reason for opiate prescription in the write-up itself.

Visit the official CVS Pharmacy website for any additional information on prescription drug misuse  or safety precautions to avoid misuse.