NyJahn Wade – 16 year old junior

NyJahn Wade - 16 year old junior

NyJahn Wade

I stand here today to share my voice, and I am not quite sure what to say….

This has been going on way too long and we can’t allow this to be swept under the rug because it will just get worse. For too long we have been silent. This was no less than a hate crime.

I first want to say there’s been a lot of talk going on and racism is taught whether or not it was taught by her parents. They didn’t teach her not to do these things, and that’s the problem. Equality has not been achieved in this situation. WE MAY NOT let her play the victim. A student making these types of comments is not acceptable in any type of form and I’m happy that we a community are fighting back because this will teach us that silence is wrong and we will no longer let things like this happen in our community.

Once we start to fight back, we will then start to reach equality. People are scared they want to be able to feel safe when they come back to school or to be outside in the open and they can’t do that when we have their parents, who work and have power in our community. A point that I wanted to come across was the the response to all of this because in their response they did the one thing we needed and confirmed that it was her daughter who actually did that. In the meantime while they did this they didn’t take any responsibility for her actions they blamed it all on their daughter while they might not have taught her to be like that they didn’t teach her that she shouldn’t be like that.