Celebrating Women – Ariana Grande, a music icon

Alivia Stonier, Senior Editor

For this Women’s History Month we celebrate Ariana Grande. The singing sensation has made her mark as a passionate and inspirational young woman from the start of her career. At the age of 27, Grande is topping the charts and consistently spreading a message of women empowerment. 

Beginning with her career on Nickelodeon as “Cat Valentine” on the television show Victorious, Grande is no stranger to being a role model for many women, as girls have grown up with her in the media all around them. 

The show then helped to create a seamless segue for the artist into her musical endeavors, with songs like God is a Woman and Dangerous Woman taking the world by storm. 

Within these songs Grande talks openly about her experience with sexuality and being open about desires as a woman, a subject that society has historically been taboo about for many generations.

For example in her song God is a Woman. “You, you love it how I move you. You love it how I touch you, my one, when all is said and done. You’ll believe God is a woman.”  

Beyond this, the artist always lifts women up within the lyrics as strong and beautiful beings. This is even more evident in interviews when speaking about her views and lyrics. 

She has discussed her song God is a Woman on the Zach Sang Show and her frustration of being objectified by men in the industry. As well as the desire for equality and to not just be seen as, according to her,  “a vessel for sex.” 

Also in an interview with Power 106 FM when asked if she could use makeup or her phone one last time what she would pick. The artist highlighted how ridiculous it was to assume that this is what women would be most concerned with. 

Later on in the interview, upon branching off from that original question and how she could in fact go without her phone after the interviews took her up on it.  She then discussed how important it is to be actively engaged in conversation rather than consumed by distractions like a cell phone. 

In response the men said, “ladies learn.” In turn Grande responded, “boys learn.” She showed them their lack of understanding of women’s priorities, while still keeping a civil and mature attitude. 

The maturity and strength shown from Ariana Grande prevails in more ways than one. On May 22nd of 2017 she experienced a tragic and traumatizing event of her Manchester Arena Show being bombed. 

At this event twenty three people lost their lives with over eight hundred people being wounded. The singer then took time with her family while sharing her condolences on social media. She stated on Twitter, “broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.”

 The artist has since always spoken up and honored this event’s victims offering her support. Later even getting a tattoo in commemoration. 

Grande has also discussed the events in her work. For example in her song Breathin. This song touches on the fact that Grande experiences anxiety especially after the events of Manchester.

Despite this, the song called a positive message to continue on and move forward and to keep going in life.

Ariana Grande’s speaking out does not stop there, as she voices her views. Standing up for equality, for example being open about her excitement of Trump’s original impeachment within her documentary. 

The artist was also spotted at BLM protests last year and continues to be a positive force of change, through her participation at said protests.

The world is excited to see what new content she has in store and how she will continue to use her platform and voice within the media

With all of this in mind it is no wonder why Ariana Grande is a woman who deserves to be celebrated. with many people and especially young people looking up to her as a role model, and as a strong and educated woman. Who pushes for acceptance and equality of all.