The BSU begins to take action on its 2021-2022 agenda

The BSU begins to take action on its 2021-2022 agenda

Gabby German, Staff Reporter

The Naugatuck High School Black Student Union, established during the 2020-21 school year, will be having its first meeting on September 30th with advisor Mr. Acevedo to reunite allies within the Naugatuck Community. 

Only a month into the new school year the BSU is eager to build on our accomplishments as a club. Let’s first remember the many BSU accomplishments from last year.  

“This year the BSU is more focused on promoting a positive School environment. We are hoping to shape the black experience from something surrounded by oppression from doing something filled with joy. I don’t want to get into too much detail because we have to work out logistics, but expect events coming from the BSU in the near future,” said Jaida Tavares, BSU president, in an interview with The Greyhound News

On January 27th of last year, the BSU held their Black Lives Matter protest at the Naugatuck green which began as a walk-out protest from the high school over issues concerning race and a demand to authority to protect students of color and abide by the zero tolerance policies. Many students walked out of school that day and proceeded to the Naugatuck green. 

The protest had a  great turnout with many speakers, from young to old.  The community had their chance to speak out and truly use the voices they were given to express their emotions on Naugatuck and the town itself and this reoccurring issue of racial insensitivity and ignorance. We were able to hear many voices that evening. 

 “Deep admiration for what you guys want to accomplish.” said Mr. Acevedo, BSU advisor, in an interview with The Greyhound News

The BSU and its board members hold plenty of meetings to talk about the goals of the BSU and the town’s high school and prioritizing equality for all as the battle against racial injustice continues.

 Many conversations with the community using Facebook lives and zoom, in addition to conversations with the Board of Education themselves to further challenge our authority for the better of the students within this town.  

Using their voices to express their concerns within our community, intentions pure and heart set in the right direction, they advocated, stood up, and used every meeting as a chance to do so. Not only using their voices but by using different forms of expression like the art, being able to create pieces of art to hang around Naugatuck High School to promote the BSU and as a reminder that students here at Naugatuck care about the many different social, economical, and day-to-day issues the Black community face. Most of the artwork is still up as of today. 

We have also had conversations about pushing more no-tolerance policies and how this community and our school will handle racially insensitive issues and issues around bullying and harassment and phobia. The Black Student Union has no problem challenging school and community authority.

 “As painful as it was, I enjoyed watching black students find their voice,” said Tavares,. 

The BSU has also worked with Mrs. Obedzinski on writing the curriculum for the Black and Latinx studies here in Naugatuck High School newly implemented in the elective classes. learning and Diving deep into the culture and the rich representation of different communities not just here but all around the world. 

The BSU is not quite finished just yet, as we begin this new year, we have many goals you would like to reach, and for anyone willing to help, the more the merrier. Come and join the BS you family, be part of the change.