Most do not like the Drop 2 schedule


Photo Credit: Frisco ISD

Emma Curtiss, Senior Reporter

As spring break concludes, Naugatuck High School administration came to the decision to test out a drop 2 schedule. Several students, including myself, made numerous complaints about the schedule.  Many students have told me that they do not like it and that it is confusing. 

My opinion on the new schedule is that it creates unnecessary amounts of confusion, which leads to anxiety in some of our students. Although class periods may be reduced to accommodate the need for movement, I feel that testing out a schedule right at the end of the year is not the best way to go.  I also believe that it isn’t right changing the schedule when a bulk of other students prefer block. Instead, we should revise the current schedule so that it allows the time for break, movement, and flex.

Before spring break I talked with students and teachers here at Naugatuck High School about this new schedule. 

“It makes things more complicated, especially with people who have early dismissal,” said the senior who wishes to remain anonymous.

Although I do not have early dismissal or late arrival, I do agree with this opinion and feel that the schedule should have been more considerate to the students who do have early dismissal or late arrival. I feel that they should just stick with block scheduling for the people who have early dismissal and late arrival because of the drop 2 schedule. 

“Some kids will love it, others will hate it, others who will feel indifferent. However, science teachers find block scheduling easier when it comes to labs,” said Mr. Jim Isaacson, an NHS science teacher.

I agree with Mr. Isaacson. Although in Chemistry we didn’t begin a lab, the reason behind it was because of the amount of preparation  and time required in order to begin the lab, let alone complete the lab itself. I also felt time was an issue  in other classes such as math and college and career readiness. 

One tired junior told me  they felt an increase in “tiredness” and “stress” and that “the only real break I had was lunch after having four classes back to back.” 

Another junior stated that “the periods were too short to do much work,” and the overwhelming amount of “stress of having the same classes the next day,” said another junior.

I feel that for many, block scheduling is more acceptable because we would have instructional time for the first half of class and then time for independent work for the second half which gives us more time to complete work in school, rather than having to do it at home which increases stress level. 

Mrs. Carolyne Dymond, an English and Journalism teacher, stated that “I definitely prefer the current Block but would like to see a flex added back in. The Drop 2 schedule was enervating for students and teachers alike. By the end of the day, you could feel the fatigue from everyone in the building.” 

After finishing the pilot schedule the results indicated that 48.8% of students disliked the drop two schedule. 28.4% indicated that their level of engagement with their peers decreased. And the overall stress level indicates that 10.4% of students experienced more stress due to the schedule. 

Naugatuck High School administrators came to the conclusion that we are continuing with our original block scheduling.