Eighty-one year old bodybuilder becomes a star

Nadage Beausejour, Staff Writer

“Live your life and forget your age,” said Norman Vincent Peale, an American minister and author.

Ernestine Shepherd, a 81 year old bodybuilder from Baltimore, Maryland is doing just that. She is a woman who hasn’t put a stop on her goals. Being 81 doesn’t stop her from moving forward; it only encourages her to keep going.

A professional trainer, competitive bodybuilder, and professional model, at the age of 81 Ernestine Shepherd has accomplished every single one of these.

“Age is nothing, but a number,” has stated the 81 year old bodybuilder. Retirement is not currently a concern for Ernestine.

Ernestine started lifting at the age of 56 with her sister Velvet, but even before daily gym visits became routine for these sisters, standing in front of the mirror, trying on suits, and laughing at each other was commonplace. This motivated them to lose weight and begin exercising.

That wasn’t the only motivator. After losing her sister from a brain aneurysm Ernestine went into a depression for six months. Losing her sister was a hard hit, but with some encouragement from her friends she realized that she started this with her sister and she wanted to finish it for her.

She got right back on top. She returned to the gym with determination to see this thing through.

She came out with a smile on her face, and titles to prove that she did it. At 81 Ernestine has earned first place in her class to win the Natural East Coast Tournament of Champion bodybuilding competition. Even the Guinness Book Records has named her to be the oldest bodybuilder in the world in 2010-2012.

She takes no medication, sleeps 3-4 hours, and eats a healthy breakfast lunch and dinner. So it isn’t just the exercise part she is doing she is doing the whole circle.

She also gives back. Shepherd said she “I want other people, especially those who are older, to know it’s not too late to get healthy.” If she can do it others can surely do it to.

This women has become an inspiration for many to start doing what she is doing. She is not just doing this just for  herself it is also for her sister, her husband, future generations and the ones who are struggling with weight now. No matter the age or circumstance  pick up the weight and start pumping. “Say these words each day: I can do it, I will do it, I am doing it! Now get up and start doing it.”