Many schools add extra security

Site of NC clown sighting

Site of NC clown sighting

Carol Ann Gladstone, Staff Writer

The first report of a creepy clown came from a mother in the middle of August when her son came home in a panic telling her that he had seen a clown in the woods making ‘weird noises’.

Ever since the frantic call, more clowns have been seen in at least almost half of the states and even overseas in Australia and France. The police of Victoria, Australia received a report on  Sunday at 3:30 AM about a clown with an ax loitering around a restaurant. Later that night another call came in explaining that the same clown was walking around the restaurant was on Princes Freeway.

More clowns have been seen with weapons and other items that can cause harm, such as a clown walking down the highway with a broom in Ohio.

Recently in Topeka, Kansas a clown holding what seemingly looks likes a bat went up to a family’s doorstep waving into their security camera. The masked person rang the doorbell and left the porch immediately. There have been similar incidents of clowns being on a person’s property. In Meriden, Connecticut an elderly woman was spooked when she saw a clown walking up and down her driveway on her surveillance cameras.

In fact, we have had it in our own town of Naugatuck, Connecticut, schools planned to have an extra security due to two social media accounts that made threats to the public school of the town. Soon after the police took notice of the threats, two juveniles were found to be running the accounts, and police took precaution.

In a CNN interview with a past professional clown, Judy Quest, she spoke deeply about the situation saying “We LOVE people. People of all varieties. We train to bring joy and laughter to the world. We work hard and we love what we do. We wonder why people have taken our profession to make people afraid. Quest admitted she was hurt about this trend that was ruining the image of clowns for the youth.

According to an NBC article an active survey that says 80% of the American population have a fear of clowns. Many feel this fear because they don’t know what is behind the mask.  Rami Nader, a psychologist, said in the NBC article “ “You can’t really see their face. You don’t really know what that all means behind the mask.” Victims to clown sightings say it is bone chilling to not who the person is holding a weapon in front of them.