Chocolate is better than Vanilla

Chocolate is better than Vanilla

Jade Langlois, Staff Writer

Chocolate sparks your brain and tastes way better than vanilla! Studies have found that if you eat chocolate cake in the morning, it could actually make you more alert.

Chocolate can go with all sorts of things including M&m’s, pretzels, and s’mores, unlike vanilla. Or you can just eat it plain.

Some people believe vanilla is better than chocolate, those people are wrong. Obviously everyone is entitled to their own opinion- be it sour or sweet, black or white- but when it comes to chocolate, we all know who the clear winner is. Chocolate.

“You can dip chocolate, melt chocolate and drizzle chocolate. You can drink it, bite into it, and fall head over heels for it. Chocolate can be good for you, too.”

Vanilla is synonymous with “dull” and “boring”. On the other hand, white chocolate evokes feelings of happiness and pleasure.

Although vanilla is simple, classic, and has health benefits, there are so many more reasons why people prefer chocolate. There is a much bigger variety of chocolate, health benefits, and we all can’t forget about the flavor.

Chocolate can be made into a liquid or a solid. It comes in all different flavors including, dark, milk, white, caramel-filled, fruit flavored and filled, and nuts.

The health benefits of chocolate include, heart, skin, mind, happiness, diabetes, cough, and blood flow.

Chocolate is North America’s favorite flavor. When surveyed, 52% of adults responded with chocolate, and only 12% responded with vanilla. U.S. chocolate manufacturers use 3.5 million pounds of whole milk every day to produce chocolate.

Eating chocolate stimulates the brain’s opioid production. Opioids are chemicals responsible for diminishing pain sensations, enhancing pleasurable ones, and creating a sense of overall well-being. Those are the same things that happen when we fall in love.

“The fanatical behavior of chocolate lovers can feel overwhelming and possibly even a bit mental. Still, there’s no denying that chocolate is magical. Chocolate is a gourmand’s darling, being paired with bacon, beer and cheeses. You’ll also find it added to body care products, candles and alcohol.”

Although both vanilla and cacao beans have their differences, there is also some similarities. They both have mood-changing effects on the brain.

Chocolate stimulates euphoric feelings by the release of theobromine, and phenylethylamine. Vanilla is known for its relaxing, soothing, and sensual fragrance. “It’s a known aphrodisiac and has been used to treat impotency.”

Physically, chocolate’s high levels of magnesium can help relieve menstrual cramps, which is one reason why women are drawn to it. “Cacao contains the richest source of cancer-fighting antioxidants found in food, and it’s full of many important vitamins and minerals as well.”

Both vanilla and chocolate have great health benefits. But there is no doubt that chocolate is by far better than vanilla.