A teacher discusses her AHA moments


Carol Ann Gladstone, Mrs. Dymond, Nadage Beausejour, and Jillian Ginty

Carol Ann Gladstone, Staff Writer

The students at Naugatuck High School know they’re in good hands when English teacher, Mrs. Dymond, is on their schedule for English or Journalism. She has a good work ethic, great personality, and always shows that she cares for her students.

Dymond has been teaching at Naugatuck High School for 17 years; she went to college locally at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and a masters in English and secondary education.

Mrs. Dymond says that she always wanted to be a teacher. “I used to teach my stuffed animals when I was as young as 4 or 5. I would make them little text books and everything” Now she is living her dream, and she is happy going to work everyday to leave a good impression of herself on students.

“Sometimes being a teacher is really, really, hard. The expectations and obstacles, such as class size, paperwork, and evaluation standards can be overwhelming.”

“But I wouldn’t want to do anything else,” she assures.

“Mrs. Dymond is a gifted teacher not only because she is like a mother to me, but because she is so honest and genuine with her students, never failing to hide her true judgement and she praises her students for giving that same attitude back to her. She treats us like the adults she wants us to become,” said Journalism student and junior, Jillian Ginty.

“My goal is to have my kids think for themselves and take risks.  I try to teach in a way that my students don’t try to get an answer out of me; they try to get it out of themselves,” said Dymond.

She demonstrates an amazing way of doing things but never gives students the answers. She is an excellent role model when it comes to being an adult and she encourages student to continue growing so they will be prepared for life after high school; she is always leading her students down the right paths by advising them and coaching them into the direction they want to go.

Mrs. Dymond is also very good at helping students with solutions to personal problems. “She is honest, fair, and shows concerns for such things that are never trivial,” says Ginty.

“I would love to have her as a  teacher again, I love that she enjoys her job and will try to make it fun for herself and her students,” said junior Nadage Beausejour. Ginty also said she would love to have Mrs. Dymond as a teacher again.

Dymond wouldn’t want to work in any other grade but high school, but she wouldn’t mind teaching History. Though she says, “English is where my heart is.”

“She makes the subject easier with her attitude and the way that she teaches. I enjoy the enthusiasm that she brings to the classroom and it makes me engaged in the topic,” said Beausejour.

Her work ethic is empowering as well as motivating. She always has a positive attitude when around others and she wants to encourage everyone else to have a positive outlook on things.

She always puts her students first and they always appreciate that and what she does for them.

Dymond says her favorite thing about teaching is talking to her kids and witnessing their aha moments.
We all will always love Mrs. Dymond and what she brings to the classroom and our hearts.