Tiger Woods is charged with a DUI

This Memorial Day, May 29, approximately at 3 a.m, Eldrick Tont Woods, well know as Tiger Woods, was reportedly pulled over by Florida police. This incident took place in Jupiter, South Florida, when an officer was under the suspicion of the world famous athlete of driving under the influence.  As the investigation continues, there is further proof that it had been involved in the incident .

The 41 year old and father of two is known to be one of the most successful golfers of this generation and in sports history.

Over the years, Woods has definitely shown the required skill set and qualities that are needed in order to be a world class athlete. He has won countless awards and titles as he dominated his competition winning a total of 14 major tournaments throughout his professional career. Woods is also known to be one of the most highest paid athletes among all sports earning wages over 50 million dollars.

After being brought into custody, Woods was not only tested to see if he had alcohol in his system, but he was also tested to see if there were any other substances that affected his state of mind. Once in police custody, the successful golfer was charged with the crime of DUI and arrested.

However, Tiger Woods released a statement later that day stating, “There was no alcohol involved; it was reaction to prescribed medicine”. This information was released by Woods himself after leaving police custody. However, Florida Police have not released any further information on  status of the investigation.

Until May 30, 2017 4 PM. The police department in which Tiger Woods was uincustody and arrested by had a press release on the athlete’s status. In the press release by the police department, it had an official statement of Woods condition, which included that Woods was over the legal limit and a legally intoxicated.

The statement stated that there was, “fresh damage to the vehicle”. The police department indicates that this was caused by reckless driving. There were also reports of minor damage to both sides of the vehicle’s rims. Fortunately there have been no reports of anyone being injured or hurt by this incident.