Lincoln Memorial vandalized


Jacob Thompson, Staff Writer

According to U.S. Park Police, on Monday, September 18, a Kyrgyzstani man was caught vandalizing the Lincoln Memorial with a penny at around 1 p.m.

The 21 year old man, Nurtilek Barkirov, was charged with malicious destruction of property, and, according to FoxNews, he faces a 10 year prison sentence and a $25,000 fine for the act.

“National Park Service conservation team is in the process of determining the best way to address the damage to the nearly 100-year-old structure,” U.S. Park Police spokesperson Sgt. Anna Rose said in an interview with Inside Nova.

The New York Daily News identified the engraving to be the letters “HYPT MAEK”.

The odd inscription is not the only act of vandalism to occur to the Lincoln Memorial to happen this year.

In the middle of August, FoxNews stated that the Lincoln Memorial had an anti-law message painted with spray paint.

A suspect was not found in the August case.