New show “Big Mouth” causes controversy

Carol Ann Gladstone , Editor

On September 29 2017, Netflix dropped the new animated original animated show “Big Mouth.”

Everyone quickly hopped onto their devices to watch the show “Big Mouth” and – of course – it offended people and caused controversy.

The animated series takes viewers on the journey of young teens going through puberty and dealing with the changes that their bodies are going through.

That is the exactly what parents are protesting online though, the simple fact that there is a show that realistically portrays a biological fact.

Granted, there are inappropriate scenes and vulgar language, but it is also educational and very well made. It adds humor to a terrifying and hard time for teens. has a petition started by a whiny adult and is supported by 63 other whiny adults.

These adults are saying things like, “It is pedophilia” and “I don’t understand how Netflix confirmed this.”

Though, it isn’t really about just the sexual subjects, it is genuinely about life and the changes in young teens’ bodies. Viewers cannot say that they haven’t been through or felt the way that the characters have felt.

Of course, some of the things in there were too much, especially with it being an adult cartoon, but isn’t that the point? Crude humor about things that we go through?

Not to fire shots at the successful cartoon Family Guy, but, when the episode portrayed an adult and adolescent in a relationship, there were no complaints.

But a cartoon of actual bodily functions with some educational parts is deemed obscene.

“Big Mouth” also talks about issues like feminism, hinting at the sexualizing of women being wrong.

For example, episode two “Everybody Bleeds”, Jessi is going through her first menstruation and doesn’t know what to do because she is at a field trip at the Statue of Liberty.

Panicking in the bathroom the Statue picks her up telling her how being woman isn’t always fun because “random men might try to touch you on the subway” and things of that sort.  

It also talks about how others try to make women feel uncomfortable or do things that make them uncomfortable. The show teaches that this is wrong.

For the male audience, it talks about how they need to understand that women are going through the same thing as they are but that doesn’t mean they get to act idiotically towards them.

The themes in the show portray human nature. Yes, viewers shouldn’t have their 13 year olds kids in front of the screen watching it because it isn’t meant for them. Though would it be bad for parents to show them some parts of the show to get a better understanding of their bodies and what its changes? No.

Parents will let their children sit in a room for 45 minutes with a complete stranger talking about puberty, sexuality, and watch child birth videos but when it comes to watching a cartoon in the privacy of their own home it has become an issue.

“Only 50 percent of teens feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex and their bodies. Four in 10 teens actually feel like their parents won’t be mad at them for talking about it,” states.

Why can’t we learn about ourselves in a comical and light-hearted way?