One Weinstein allegation could lead to federal charges

Emily Dinis, Staff Writer

On Thursday October 5th The New York Times triggered an outbreak of sexual assault allegations against powerful men by coming out with an article accusing Harvey Weinstein paying off sexual assault accusers for decades. Weinstein now not only is accused of sexual assault but of violating US federal trafficking laws by one alleged victim.

Since October over 80 women have came out publicly accusing Weinstein of sexual harassment.  One of those women, actress Kadian Noble is taking civil action against Weinstein, His brother, and The Weinstein Company suing for violating US federal trafficking laws.

Noble claims that Weinstein had lured her to his hotel room in Cannes in 2014. Weinstein told her he would go over her showreel because he was looking to cast her in one of his upcoming movies. Noble, in a news conference, said that she was happy to show him her showreel. She claims Weinstein told her the part would be good for her.  

Weinstein can be fined for violating US sex trafficking laws for allegedly being involved in commercial sex acts in a foreign country. Violation of 18 U. S. C By benefiting from traveling to a foreign country with the intent to engage in sexual conduct.

After Noble showed her showreel, she claims Weinstein began to grope her. In the lawsuit Noble reported Weinstein forced the actress to touch him. Noble couldn’t do anything, feeling bribed for the part.

Weinstein continues to deny these accusations.