Shane Dawson defends himself


Carol Ann Gladstone , Editor

On January 10th veteran Youtuber, Shane Dawson was accused of pedophilia by an anonymous Youtube channel using an audio from 6 years ago.

Isn’t that the most credible thing everyone has heard all week? Cause it is for me.

Let’s just ease into how this all came to be. Nearly two weeks ago, Logan Paul, a Youtuber, posted a video going into a Japanese “suicide” forest which lead him to videotape a dead body.

Dawson tweeted against his actions, which caused a silent feud between the two. That information might seem irrelevant but when you look at the facts of how these accusations came to be, they aren’t.

It started with a video uploaded on Youtube with the title “Shane Dawson is a pedophile.” In the video was an audio of Dawson’s podcast talking about a little girl who was on Instagram.

“She is sexy,” Dawson is heard saying and then he claims to google the word babies.

But, perhaps, not is all as it seems to be.

In the original podcast, Dawson actually says, “The father was taking picture of his daughter, posting them on Instagram as if she was sexy, and that is weird.”

“Everyone has fetuses and I don’t understand how people can find naked babies attractive. So I googled babies. Pedophilia is wrong and it is disgusting,” he continues on to say on the original podcast.

Twitter blew up, calling Dawson names such a “pedo” and mentioning how his ex girfriend and current boyfriend have baby faces, as proof that he is attracted to children.

Dawson tweeted, “I am not a pedophile. I can’t believe I even have to say that. It literally feels like I am in a nightmare.” He included a link to a video titled “Regarding the rumor about me today.”

We have seen Dawson do this before, he has done this many times because people like to dig up his past mistakes which he as clearly grown and learned from. He continuously apologizes, and cries to his fans about how ashamed he is of the things and jokes that he has made in his past.

Though, Dawson is known for his dark humor. His raunchy jokes and doing offensive things is what got him the fame he has had and still has from 2006 until now.

In the video of him denying the allegations he was clearly angered and calling out the nonsense that these rumor are. Because they are.

Dawson constantly speaks out against sexual assault. He brings to light the pedophilia issue in Los Angeles all the time saying that it is everywhere in Hollywood and that he wishes he could stop it.

After the video was called out on by Dawson himself, the Youtube channel that posted it deleted the video and put up screenshots of an email from Logan Paul’s manager offering the creator of the video money to ruin Dawson’s reputation.

If the young kids who look up to Paul still can call themselves a fan after he personally tried to ruin someone else’s career for the sake of his own. Then they don’t have proper morals nor do they see just how messed up that.

Dawson has been on the internet for long enough and in the world of fame to understand that is what people do and is okay with being attacked, he just doesn’t approve of what he was attacked with.

False statements and lies.

Following that screenshot, they posted another of money in a paypal account as proof.

The plot is thickening and unless there is actual proof of Dawson doing crude things to children, him being a pedophile has been debunked and those agreeing with it?

You’re wrong.