Father reported missing is found buried in concrete


father, Williams Mussack, 69 (left), daughter, Danya Jennings, 44 (right)

Nadage Beausejour, Staff Writer

William Mussack, a 69 year old father of two, was killed by his daughter, Dayna Jennings. On January 10th, his remains were found encased in concrete in a crawl space, in Adams County, Colorado.

Dayna Jennings was charged with first-degree murder after deliberation and tampering with a deceased human body.

On December 28th, a call was received by the Federal Heights Community Center from Robert Mussack who reported his brother missing since he had not been answering any texts or calls.

Officers went to Jennings’s house that night and told police at the time that her father “doesn’t live here” and had lost his phone.

Mussack called the following day to report that he had not heard from his brother since Dec 5th.

A follow-up phone call was placed by Brian, the son of William Mussack, who lives in California. Brian told officers that he speaks with his father daily, and was concerned with not hearing from him since Dec 7th.

Well before the calls of disappearance, text messages were being sent out by Jennings, stating where he was in response to worried family members.

Mussack’s son reported to police that his father sent him a text message on December 7th stating that Jennings had “drugged” him and he “had been unconscious for 15 hours after taking a bite of a hamburger she had given him, according to the affidavit.

Police reported unusual spending by the suspect, Jennings, on her missing father’s account.

The inconsistent stories received by the police from Jennings also raised some eyebrows for both the family members and the police. Not one text message has been sent by William, only his daughter giving very vague responses on the whereabouts of her father.

Details about a dumpster were also reported by police stating that dumpsters were ordered by Jennings and delivered on Dec. 7.

Dayna’s ex husband stated that she was”impulsive and irrational at times,” and also had patterns of “intense and unstable relationship[s] with family, friends and loved ones.”

According to the affidavit, Federal Heights Police came back to Mussack’s home on December 29th. Jennings once again answered the door, and told them that her father had gone to the mountains with his girlfriend and didn’t bring his phone, the affidavit says.

Officer Burandt stood outside Jennings’ door asking for consent to come in. Once inside, Jennings began to inform the Officer of the toilet flooding located in the basement.

The report by Officer Burandt stating that William was there for several weeks was based on what he saw. He also reported a bad odor, according to the affidavit it was, “smelling like sewage and something rotten.”

On January 10th, a search warrant was requested and Jennings was handcuffed and told that the concrete in her house was going to be broken up.

Dayna Jennings was in a interview at the time that the remains were found in the concrete. Dayna Jennings during the interview admitted to pouring concrete in the crawl space where the humans remains were located.

Jennings was then taken and handcuffed where she was charged with first-degree murder after deliberation and tampering with a deceased human body. She awaits to appear at a preliminary hearing on Feb. 15 in Adams County District Court.

A statement regarding Williams’ cause of death is still pending.