A new law can possibly stop mass shootings

The state of Florida requires FBI background checks on those looking to purchase a weapon. To pass the screening means they are clear for any and all indicators of misconduct, mental issues, and/or past violence. However, many citizens are suggesting new laws that they believe could help prevent acts of gun violence.

One of the laws is particularly powerful because it could help prevent an attack at the roots. Screenings throughout the country scrutinize charges such as domestic violence for people looking to buy weapons, but have we ever considered animal abuse a red flag?

“Neighbors interviewed by multiple outlets remember him as a menace to the neighborhood . . . [the Parkland shooter] had been caught shooting at a neighbor’s chickens, siccing his dogs on a neighbor’s pigs . . .”

This law could have stopped the Parkland shooter.

If not, we should start immediately. Psychological studies across the world point to the idea that hurting animals intentionally is a huge indicator that something could be wrong with a person.

According to Psychology Today, “Animal abuse is often the first manifestation of serious emotional turmoil that may escalate into extreme violence, such as a mass killing.”

“Children who have been physically abused and exposed to domestic violence-” Which the shooter had been, “are at even higher risk.”

Evidence pulled from the shooter’s instagram reveals his sick practices of animal abuse and dissection. “When a child or [adult] has a morbid fascination with picking out small animals to cause them suffering, that it’s a sign of an underlying mental disorder,” says Dr. Babu, former Head of Department of Psychiatry at Stanley College, Chennai.

If an individual has had authorities called on them over 20 times and the same authorities have been noted of their severe meltdowns and animal abuse, how could they be allowed to purchase a semi-automatic weapon in less than 10 minutes?  The mistreatment of animals should be taken more seriously when we consider the mental health of a gun owner.