Leave the newlyweds in peace

Mohammad Khan, Staff Reporter

After the increased backlash towards Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, love prevails and they are now married after a four day ceremony in Rajasthan State.

Many sources have been attacking Priyanka Chopra, a model and actress for being a ‘scam artist’ and conning Nick Jonas to further her career rather than her love life.

But this is obviously not the case. One of the reasons is that Priyanka Chopra’s has a higher net worth than Nick Jonas, a pop star. Priyanka Chopra has $28 million under her belt while her spouse has $25 million.

The most obvious reason, however, is that their love is genuine. They have been together for about a year now after first showing signs of a relationship at the 2017 Met Gala. There are rumors about them dating even longer.

After their engagement, Nick Jonas followed Priyanka all the way to India where they participated in two ceremonies, a traditional American ceremony and, then, a traditional Indian ceremony.

They enjoyed a four day ceremony and have been happily accepted by both families. Nick Jonas’s brother, Joe Jonas, even posted an instagram photo of the couple and captioned it “Super Married! I Love You Both! Welcome to the Family Pri!” welcoming Priyanka to the Jonas family.

Both Jonas and Chopra have been living happily together post marriage celebrating at wedding after parties while taking a whole lot of pictures making their marriage known to the world.

Currently Nick Jonas is back in Mumbai for another wedding reception with Chopra held on Thursday, December 20th.

Hopefully, now, the critics can leave the newlyweds in peace.