The argument for animal rights

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The argument for animal rights

Row of popular domestic pets together over white

Row of popular domestic pets together over white

adogslifephoto - Fotolia

Row of popular domestic pets together over white

adogslifephoto - Fotolia

adogslifephoto - Fotolia

Row of popular domestic pets together over white

Aferdita Emini, Staff Reporter

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Tons of people show their cold side when it comes to animals. So many people in this world treat animals like they are of no worth. People abuse them, eat them, kill them, fight them, overall destroy them.

Back in 2007, a NFL player Michael Vick was involved in dogfighting, with his friends. Both friends didn’t want Vick to do anything that could affect his NFL contract. He was charged with a conspiracy charge relating to the dogfighting operation he had helped run on his property in Surry County, VA. Vick only faced 23 months in prison, he was released back on July 20, 2009.

People don’t take into consideration how other animals feel; citizens of the US do cruel things to animals and barely get a consequence. Vick only got a 23-month sentence, considering he was involved with fighting and killing dogs.

Animal rights activists believe that humans shouldn’t be the only ones with rights; these activists believe that animals don’t have a voice to speak up for themselves and think it’s up to humans to protect them.

Animals suffer and experience tons of cruelty just us like us humans most of the time; they also feel pain and loneliness. The Malawi Law protects rights of Animals, so say if a person is found guilty of cruelty such as beating, kicking, inflicting pain on an Animal they will either receive a fine or get prison time.

Animal rights activists are striving for:

  • No experiments on animals
  • No breeding and killing animals for food, clothe,  
  • No use of animals for hard labor
  • No selective breeding for any reason other than the benefit of the animal
  • No hunting
  • No Zoo or use of animals in entertainment
  • No Pets

Lots of people don’t take any into consideration, leading the animal to suffer. According to PETA, more than 70 billion animals are farmed for food. Pigs are also raised for meat and kept in barren pens which give the animals no comfort.

If a person wants to eat meat, like ham, for example, they should raise the animal on their own. Unlike the ham, people are currently eating most likely come from conditions where the animal never sees light a day in their entire existence.

Less than 1% of Americans identify themselves as vegan. If there was a line between Animals and Humans, animals would become overpopulated and we would most likely have little to no plants left.

We rely on animals for food and animals rely on other animals and plants. If humans stopped eating animals in general, it would do nothing but mess with the food chain.

Not only are meat animals affected but also pets. A Peta eyewitness investigated and found out that a so-called “rescue”  had kept around 200 greyhounds that were constantly bred and thrown away when they weren’t able to race anymore.

The Greyhounds were kept in small crates for 23 hours every day. Their blood was also drawn and donated to over 2,000 vets in North America and Asia. It is okay to donate blood to other dogs, but when the donor live in conditions like that it is not.

Most of the dogs had injured both their feet and tails from the wired cages they would provide shelter in. There was this one time that one of the dogs was taken to the vet and the vet had noticed a tumor and neurological problems with the dogs. The vet asked to order brain scans and start neuro treatment but the owner declined and said he “doesn’t believe in neurology and brain scans.” That had led the dog to be untreated.

Animal rights and Animal Welfare are totally different. Animal Welfare supporters want to ensure that livestock, pets, and others are being treated humanely.

Meanwhile, Animal rights want to impose –

  • No meat
  • No Dairy
  • No Pets
  • No Service Dogs
  • No Horseback riding
  • Fewer life-saving drugs
  • No Wool, Silk or Down
  • No leather seats 

Animal rights want to ensure people give animals legal “personhood” which should also remove them from becoming food, clothes and pet shops.

Now PETA isn’t all rainbow and unicorns, they preach all they demand and how things should be done but they have shelters that euthanize more than your average shelter. All PETA does is call these kills “mercy kills”.

Animal rights activists can be seen as hypocritical because PETA ends up killing over 95% of cats and dogs surrendered to them. They are all about not harming animals but kill them if they don’t find a home within 72 hours. PETA calls this, “mercy killings”. They  believe it puts the animal out of misery because of their past.

President of PETA had said, “If Animal testing produced a cure for AIDS, we wouldn’t even use it.”

For example dogs get held in laboratories during experimentation and get treated inhumanely. Some universities adopt animals from shelters or find them off the street and have them go through dangerous and deadly experiments.

At Ohio-State University George Billman, a vivisector, surgically manipulated a dog onto running on a treadmill so fast that they would die from a heart attack. Later on they would dissect the heart from the dog and study the tissue that had damaged the heart.

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