Man kills his child to cast out a demon

On September 26th, Pablo Martinez, a resident living on a Pascua Yaqui Indian reservation, was accused of the murder of his six-year-old son, G.B. In attempts to ‘cast the demon out’ and exorcise his son, Martinez forcefully poured hot water down the boy’s throat, according to Tuscon police.

Within the last week, Pablo Martinez, 31,  claimed to have noticed an evil within G.B. and, on Thursday afternoon, decided to take charge by performing an at-home exorcism. It is unclear what caused Martinez to do this, however, several signs lead to possible mental illness.

When the child returned home after school, Martinez volunteered to bathe G.B., his biological son. Several moments later, the adoptive mother, Romelia Martinez, began to hear the sounds of struggle in the bathroom behind the locked door. 

When Romelia managed to finally open the door, she discovered her husband constraining their son under running hot water, which he later claimed was for only 5-10 minutes.

Romelia then called authorities, and officers discovered G.B. laying in his bed struggling to breath upon arrival.

Paramedics discovered that burns covered almost 15% of the 6-year-old’s body, “including on his forearms, elbows, and head,” stated local news KOLD 13.

G.B. was later pronounced dead by medical officials shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Later that same day, Martinez admitted to the murder of his son with a simple phrase of “I did it.” and was then immediately arrested on an alleged charge of first-degree murder

When asked about the events of that day during questioning, he told police that they, “were not in the right mindset or belief to understand,” stated CNN.

Pablo Martinez was then later arrested on a charge of first-degree murder and the event is now currently being investigated by Pascua Yaqui and FBI authorities.