Knife attack stopped by two citizens

In the face of danger would you run or face the enemy? 

After attending the 5th anniversary of Learning Together, a prison reformation program, on November 25th, attendees were faced with this exact dilemma after knifeman, Usman Khan, attacked several individuals. Refusing to go down without a fight, defenders gripped anything they could including a pole, chairs and even a narwhal tusk.

Around 8:58 a.m., former terrorist convict, Khan, invaded Fishmongers’ Hall, which held several prison rehabilitation advocates, armed with two knives before being chased and shot down on London Bridge by police officials. 

Among the advocates were Jack Meritt, 25, and Saskia Jones, 23, the only two victims out of the 5 that were killed.

Prior to entry, Khan stood at the bottom of the hall stairs carrying two knives and what appeared to be a suicide belt, an attachable explosive device. 

John Crilly, a former murder convict and also a victim on the scene who attended Learning Together, claimed to have heard Usam Khan shout “I’m going to kill you all!” before attempting to strike the crowd.

In efforts to defend the hall, two men chose to strike back using “chairs, fire extinguishers, a pole and a narwhal tusk, which was hanging on the wall,” according to BBC News in order to drive out Khan.

One of the men, Lukasz, a Polish porter working within Fishmongers’, participated in “about a minute of one-on-one straight combat,” according to Toby Williamson, Fishmonger’s Company chief executive, as he fended off Usam using a pole before pushing him on the London Bridge. 

After successfully allowing surrounding citizens to flee the danger and alert authorities, Lukasz suffered five knife wounds to his side and was immediately rushed to the hospital. 

Within 5 minutes, authorities responded to the call moving bystanders and eventually shot down Usam Khan because of what appeared to be a “suicide vest under his jacket”. 

Prior to the attack on the bridge, Khan was convicted in 2012 after plotting another terrorist attack with a group that had planned to strike the London Stock Exchange and organize a camp in Pakistan for jihadist training.

However, after serving 8 years of serving his sentence, Usam was released on conditions that he’d wear an electronic tag and participate in the government’s rehabilitation program for people who’ve been involved in terrorism.

As a result of the attack, Britain’s Ministry of Justice has begun a review of the 74 other individuals’ licensed conditions who’ve been released from terror offenses.