Cute puppy has an extra tail — on his forehead!

Hailey Almonte, Staff Reporter

A few months old puppy, also known as the ‘unicorn’ puppy, is the internet’s latest sensation, and it’s all due to him being different from other puppies, but in the best way possible. 

Narwhal is a rescued pup who has a second tail that sprouts from his forehead. The extra tail does not wag, but rather sways with his movement, which is absolutely adorable. This unique feature that Narwhal possesses makes him very cute and lovable. 

The reason for the second tail has not been confirmed, but it is believed that Narwhal has the second tail due to canine fetal absorption. Canine fetal absorption is when a second puppy dissolves in the womb.

 According to, studies show that canine fetal absorption occurs for 10 to 15 percent of fetuses, with the mother or sometimes a sibling taking in parts of the fetal remains.

Narwhal was found in the freezing cold weather of Missouri by Rochelle Steffen. Frostbite was starting to develop on one of his paws. A dog rescue non profit organization for special needs dogs (which is run by Rochelle), called Mac’s Mission, took Narwhal in after he was discovered. 

When the puppy was tested to see if there was anything wrong with him, it turned out that he was really healthy and in good shape. 

“He seems completely healthy other than some usual puppy worms he got meds for,” claimed the organization in a post on Facebook. 

Narwhal, apparently does not even notice that there is an extra tail on his forehead. 

X-Rays were taken of Narwhal, and it was revealed that the tail is not connected to anything and has no real use or purpose as far as the vets can tell. The veterinarians said that since the tail doesn’t seem to cause pain to Narwhal, there is no medical reason to remove it, meaning his unique tail is here to stay! 

“How cute, how majestic, the puppy makes my heart melt,” says student Olivia Legere. Another student has said that Narwhal is “absolutely adorable!!” 

The shelter that is caring for Narwhal says that they will keep the “unicorn” pup, despite the hundreds of people asking to adopt Narwhal. The founder of the shelter says she plans on keeping Narwhal and caring for him herself. 

“It’s not just a decision from me,” says the founder of the shelter, Rochelle Steffen, to the local Southeast Missourian newspaper. “The whole rescue cannot fathom him leaving. We all fell in love with him.”

In all honesty, it’s great that Narwhal is being taken care of in good hands. It’s going to be incredible to see what kind of dog Narwhal will become.