The first debate was not a debate

Sparks flew on September 29th at Case Western University in Cleveland, Ohio during the First Presidential Debate as both men spoke over one another and the moderator.

The debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden began at 9:00 ET and was moderated by Fox News’s Chris Wallace.

Regardless of the lack of a winner, the debate was less of a debate and more of 90 minutes of the two candidates mindlessly spewing insults back and forth without reserve like a bad episode of The Jerry Springer Show.

First, the overarching theme is that Trump did not look great at all on the debate stage.

There were many opportunities throughout the night for Trump to score points against Biden. For example, when he refused to condemn Antifa or suggested that all of America is racist.

However, instead of stringing together a rational attack on the shortcomings in Biden’s arguments, Trump just continued to ramble incoherently about law and order and the evil, radical left instead of the topics at hand.

Trump also crossed an unprecedented line when he attacked both of Biden’s sons saying he “doesn’t know Beau” and then attacking Hunter for his previous struggles with addiction. Beau, who served for a year in Iraq, died of cancer in 2015. Hunter Biden has been sober for years.

Biden, who looked on the verge of tears when talking of his late son, said “he was a patriot” and “I am proud of both of my sons”.

Trump also did not condemn white supremacists on the debate stage because it’s physically impossible for him to denounce any group that supports him, no matter how morally evil they are. 

When asked about the far-right group Proud Boys, he said to “stand back, and stand by” when he easily could have denounced the far-right and white supremacists as he has done previously.

It appears that Trump’s plan of attack was to come blazing out of the gates and continually attack Biden until he was intimidated into submission, which in part worked. Biden did not look great under the constant pressure, even saying to Trump “Will you shut up, man”.

The problem, though, was that Trump threw so many attacks and jabs at Biden that none of them stuck or achieved any meaningful points for his side of the debate because nobody knew what was going on.

As for Biden, his performance will largely be ignored by the people because of Trump’s never ending barrage of insults.

The fact is that Biden really did not perform well at all. He was all over the place, saying things that were patently untrue, and at times stumbled over his words like we’ve seen him do when under media scrutiny.

Biden stated that he did not support the Green New Deal when his campaign website literally states, “Joe believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

And as much as Trump insulted Biden, Biden was just as quick to insult Trump back calling the president a “clown” and “racist”.

He also just blatantly refused to answer questions about whether or not he would pack the courts saying, “Whatever position I take on that, that will become the issue.” 

Instead of demanding the answer from Biden (like he did for Trump), Wallace bailed him out again saying, “This is the end of this segment” after Biden just rambled about voting instead.

Trump calling for a pre-debate drug test and earpiece checks set the bar very low for Biden’s performance, so as long as he had a pulse and was semi-cognizant, he had exceeded the nation’s expectations.

All in all, both sides of the stage looked nothing short of disastrous and the true winner of the debate was anyone who went to bed before it even started.

The next presidential debate was scheduled for October 15th at 9:00, but was cancelled after Trump refused to debate virtually after concerns over him spreading COVID-19 after contracting the disease