They will be there when we need them. 

They will be there in the next 3 minutes.

 They will be by your side.


They didn’t mention that I might have a gun to my head. 


Neither did they mention

 that there could be a possibility that I could be shot dead. 


Put to rest, 

Kneeling on my neck. 


Without being able to breathe. 


Life feeling like a wreck, 

I had to put this situation in check. 


I see that “these people” 

have no remorse. 


They’re ruthless. 


We need to stick together. 

It doesn’t matter if you are Hispanic, Asian, an Islander, indigenous, Islamic, Christian, Muslim, disabled, in the lgbtq+ community. 

My community.


We need to form as a community 

And as a whole. 

We seek validation because they never gave. 

We never received it.. 


We’ve received but not from the people we were supposed to trust. 

Our country is on the edge of coming to a huge combust. 


There are protests brought to violence. 

Innocent lives being taken

and also forsaken. 


I can’t tell if the white man wants to give me a compliment or call the police department. 


It’s crazy. 

Should I trust this stranger or should I scream stranger danger. 


Would people listen? 

Will I be heard? 


Please tell me what was your mission? 


Was it to impress? 

Or put that silhouette to rest?