Drama Club begins planning its first production

Drama Club begins planning its first production


Carol Ann Gladstone, Staff Writer

Naugatuck High School’s new theater club is up and running and wants to invite you all to participate in this year’s production.

The theater program strives to bring positive feeling to the students in the club, Mr. Carino co-advisor says, “The first and most important thing the students will learn is self-confidence; what the kids will be learning in a theater perspective is voice, body awareness and object interacting. All of those things can also connect with public speaking. What I mainly want to offer is an artistic perspective to the students and I want them to want to learn the dynamic of theater.”

The theater club is also divided in two parts: the technology part which includes the setting on the stage, the costumes, stage direction and lighting on the stage. Head of tech Krystina Huculak said, “The tech team is working hard on set design, we have a full list on things we need we are now just working on where to get the things and if it fits into our budget.”

Another member of tech, Lauren Oakes, said, “We know how we want the characters to look and be portrayed. We also have people making some of the things we need.” Oakes also spoke about the direction of the play. “We have conversations on how we want blocking to be and where things are going to be placed as well as characters during the play,” she said.

While the acting side includes a group of people with different acting skills and trying to improve their acting skills. Nani Keys, the president of the acting side said, “The great part of this all is the supporting environment that we have; it helps us all come out of our shells and feel more confident. We have come a long way on rehearsing out lines and doing a good job on memorizing them. A lot of us feel confident and are excited for rehearsals.”

Keys was not the only one who spoke about the supporting environment that the club fosters. Julia SaintPaul spoke passionately about how the club is a breakthrough for her. “I feel that the people around me during the club support me and make me breakthrough my comfort zone to expand it. It is amazing how much support that we all have for each other, it is like we are one big family and I think it will help me in the future with my self-esteem.”

Oakes spoke on the loving environment as well, “Drama club is a place that I go to and I feel like I can actually be myself. I don’t need to hide behind my shyness when I am with the people that make us all feel like we are a family.”

The upcoming production Afraid Of The Dark is in the making and should have show times for the public during sometime in the spring. The play about a honeymooning couple. The husband, however, is afraid of the dark and both are disturbed by spooky, but comedic visitors.

The club will continue working hard on the upcoming production of Afraid Of The Dark< and will stay the supporting family that they are through fundraising and future productions that they plan to do in the future. The casting call is on December 5 and 7 in the N110. Interested students should see Mr. Carino or Ms. Vagnini.