Sat Bootcamp is coming to NHS


Carol Ann Gladstone, Staff Writer

On April 1st and 2nd 2017, Naugatuck High School will be holding a Scholastic Assement Test bootcamp to prepare the students for the standardized test the session will cost of 175 dollars.

The SAT was introduced on June 23, 1926 and was originally known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then know as Scholastic Assessment Test and now just known as SAT. The test is used to assessed how well a student has processed knowledge.

Mrs. Jan Saam, principle of Naugatuck High School, says, “The CT Dept of Education mandated that the ​SAT become the new standardized assessment replacing Smarter Balance at the high school level.  This was not a decision made by Naugatuck.  All public high schools in the state of CT must take the SAT on the same day.”

The SAT BootCamp has been a part of the high school for two years now. The program is mainly for the students benefit on their scores and understanding the test and how it is laid out and works.

Mrs. Saam says, “The BootCamp is to help students understand the types of questions and strategies to answer each type of question on the SAT.  Students do not have to know all of the content to score high.  They do need to know how to eliminate choices and be strategic in selecting answers.​”

The SAT is a test that most colleges require on a student’s record. Mrs. Saam says “Some colleges and universities use the SAT scores as part of the admission process. ​ It is one data point in deciding if a student will be successful at the post-secondary level.  The redesigned SAT is aligned with the college and career readiness standards.”

This does not apply to all of the colleges and universities though Director of Counseling Deborah Rutigliano says, “Some colleges and school of high education are not looking for SAT scores any longer. They are more interested in how you perform as a student. Though the more competitive your the school you want to get into is, the more likely you will need an SAT score also the more the score will need to be high compared to other schools.”

The overall purpose of the bootcamp is to help the student in the long run for when they take the standardized test they can get a better understanding and more of a positive outlook on taking the test.