Students and teachers speak about the new schedule


Carlos Gonzaga and Alejandro Rangel

The time schedule change for the upcoming 2018-19 school year has caused an uproar of many emotions. Some students and faculty members look forward to the change and see it to be a needed change that will help improve students performance in the classroom. While others believe it to be a too large of a change that may cause it to be difficult to, keep students on task.

My partner an I interviewed current students and faculty members of Naugatuck high school to gain a more accurate insight on their opinion of the change. All of the eight person’s that we interviewed all knew of the time schedule change and when asked how the projected change made them feel this is what students and faculty had to say.

¨I am excited for it. I think it will benefit us,¨ said one junior.

¨I don’t know I think it’s better than this year’s but i’m not a huge fan of having double block periods of blocked scheduling because  that’s a long time in classes and even more things we don’t know how to do,¨ said another junior.

¨I think it’s going to offer opportunities for different kinds of teaching, different kinds of activities and tasks in classroom but I also recognize it as can be a challenge. We’ve been teaching 40 minute periods for most of the time that I’ve been at Naugatuck High School and it represents a shift we are going to need to change the way that we teach in the classroom I think students are going to need to kind of approach their part of the equation a little differently as well,” said a social studies teacher.

We also asked what they found likable or unlikable about the change.

¨I like the fact that we’re in classes longer. I find that with this current schedule that we have, because we’re in it for so much longer the teachers give us less homework and with this new schedule we only have four classes everyday so that also gives us less homework cause then i don’t have to squeeze all eight classes into one night,¨ said one senior.

¨I like that it’s going to be four periods in a day rather than the straight eight and I like that it’s not a schedule where its random days of one long period. But what i don’t like is that its block scheduling more teachers have to figure what there going to do for plans and some teachers already don’t know how to plan for that hour and a half,¨ said another junior.     

¨Yes, I want the current schedule to change. The one next year will work out better and classes start earlier,¨ said one senior.

¨No, I don’t think I would, when talking to my friends that go to different schools such as Holy Cross they have a block schedule and they seem to do better and they seem to strive more even though there teachers aren’t as certified as ours,¨ said another junior.

¨Those periods are really short and in some cases from a teacher’s point of view frustratingly short. It’s hard to say if I would change it back at this point because I haven’t experienced the longer block periods yet the full block. So if we talked a year from now maybe mid next year I probably would be able to  let you know how I feel about it but right now I’m looking forward to it,¨ added the social studies teacher.

Whether this is a bust or a success for Naugatuck High School will just have to wait and see.