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Justes Cureton, Staff Writer

Naugatuck High School has had a journalism program for over two decades that has been run by three different English teachers: Mr. Edward DeCosta, Mrs. Caroline Messenger, and, most recently, Mrs. Carolyne Dymond.

For the last decade the journalism program has published a news site called The Greyhound News where there are six categories; school news, news, sports, op-ed, popular reviews, and politics.

In journalism students learn how to write features, popular movie/story reviews, op-ed articles, school event write ups, and political stories. Once they have mastered each type, students are permitted to write for any category they wish and, therefore follow their passions.

“It is important that students find their calling – whether that is sports, politics, the crime beat or music. Once they do, they begin to flourish as writers and investigators. I am very proud of all of my journalists,” said Dymond, the current Journalism teacher.

The Greyhound News is written to attract readers ages 12-80 and is for anyone in the Naugatuck community and across the country.

This year the school newspaper has covered controversial subjects including , Trump’s administration by Elliot Dupont and Christian Nanodum and the trial and sentencing of the former USA Gymnastic doctor for sexual assault by Loretta Sbat.

Students also include poignant topics like Tripp Halstead’s passing by Carol Ann Gladstone and Noah Lydon and the Las Vegas shooting by Jillian Ginty.

The newspaper has uplifting stories such as coverage of the Royal Wedding by Marina Sounanthanam, and Victor Cardoso’s story about English teacher, Mrs. Brennan and her fundraising talents. Marina Sounanthanam and Nadage Beausejour also wrote about Naugatuck High School’s first ever spring pep rally.

Currently the most prolific reporter is Matthew Polek, a second year journalist who specializes in sports news articles and serves as Sports Editor.

“Coming into high school I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do in life, but once I joined journalism I didn’t have any doubts. I was also fortunate enough to attend the Washington Journalism and Media Conference in DC in the summer of 2017 and I know that without the help of Mrs. Dymond that wouldn’t have been possible, and for that I am truly grateful, so yeah, this program has really benefited me for the better,” said Matthew Polek.

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