Genesis students face all academic challenges with enthusiasm

Cameron Diaz, Staff Reporter

Genesis Academy, a satellite school of Naugatuck High School, opened its doors on September 24th, 2015. Genesis Academy offers an alternative learning environment for students who struggle acclimating to the high school and benefit from the smaller and more sheltered placement.

When Genesis first opened, a public misconception existed about the students who attended the school. Many people thought that the students were poorly behaved and who needed to be in an alternate setting away from the other students. This, however, is not the case.

For many students Genesis has been the step in the right direction, whether it is toward graduating, going to college, or entering the workforce. Students are now able to get their education in a quieter, more supportive, and individualized  setting.

The students’ success was evident on the tennis courts during a science experiment on Monday, September 24th.

Dhiogo DeSousa, Mr. Jones, Donnell Isaac, Mr. Gibson, Mrs. Dymond

Under the direction and instruction of Mr. Bob Jones, a science teacher at Genesis, the students undertook a sophisticated experiment on how the design of airplanes impacts their flight distance.

“We are flying paper airplanes, and we’re getting graded on three things: the design, distance, and knowing what the variables are,”   said Arianna Boswell, a sophomore in her second year at Genesis Academy.The sight of fifteen students and their two teachers laughing and flying paper airplanes as they recorded data was an inspiring sight.

In addition to tackling challenging science experiments, they are also taking on rigorous assignments in English class,  too.

Students are using their critical thinking skills to establish their own opinions on the verdict in the Hae Min Lee murder case from 1999 as they listen to the Serial podcast.  

“Adnan [Syed] was put in jail for a murder that he may or may not have done, and the courts got a lot of the details and evidence wrong,” stated junior Nathan Carver.

As they listen to the podcast, students engage in insightful discussions, collaborate on evidence and testimony and write their supported opinions.

And, of course, math class continues to challenge the students.

“We are working on wages and payroll right now… so they are becoming budding young tax experts!  They are right now, reviewing a business scenario as to how to schedule their staff to complete a special order, to minimize overtime costs, and try to find a way to avoid the OT… We should be starting the analysis on Tuesday,” said Mrs. Fitzgerald, the Genesis math teacher.

Students also attend history class with Mr. Walsh and advisory with Mr. Vazquez. Mr. Vazquez is new to NHS and runs the satellite school under the direction of Dean of Students Mr. Leary.