Death row inmate killed while incarcerated

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Death row inmate killed while incarcerated

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Jasmine Braziel, Staff Reporter

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Death row inmate, Jonathan Fajardo (30),  was just the victim of a stabbing that resulted in death. He was an inmate at San Quentin Prison, that was allegedly stabbed by Luis Rodriguez (34).

Murder between inmates on death row is very uncommon; the last death row killing between two inmates occurred in 1997.  

“It is not supposed to happen,” said Amy Smith, a San Francisco State University associate professor, in an article published by The Independent.

As Amy Smith explains in multiple articles, prisoners on death row usually have the lowest accounts of violence in the prison because they are at their lowest point. There are no worse outcomes for them.

They also are housed separately but are allowed to go outside into the exercise yard as a community; however minimally.

Killing between two death row inmates is very uncommon, so when the killing of Jonathan Fajardo came into mainstream media it sparked many questions about how death row prisoners should be handled.

Jonathan Fajardo was awaiting execution for two counts of murder in Los Angeles County after having received seven life sentences.

Fajardo identified as a latino gang member. His first murder was for killing a 14 year old black girl Cheryl Green in what was a racially motivated attack.

His second count of murder was for stabbing a man because fellow gang members believed he might be working with the police, according to the prosecutors.

In the exercise yard at San Quentin Prison Jonathan Fajardo was stabbed in the chest and neck with a makeshift weapon, said Corrections Department spokesperson Terry Thornton in an article by Sky News.

In an article posted by Patch it sais that Fajardo was “pronounced” dead at 10:35 pm.

Luis Rodriguez is the alleged suspect in this case. Currently, investigators are trying to determine a motive, and how the suspect would be able to make the weapon used.

Luis Rodriguez is also awaiting execution on two counts of murder. Rodriguez is a member of a different latino gang and was convicted for killing two men from rival gangs. He was also a suspect in a murder that resulted in a life sentence.

Investigations are still in process; there has not been any other evidence released at this time.


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