NHS responds – how much homework is too much homework?


How much homework is too much homework? According to the National PTA and the National Education Association the 10-minute rule is acceptable.

What is the 10 minute rule you ask? The 10-minute rule is a rule that multiplies 10 to the grade level that a student is in. For example, a second grader gets 20 minutes of homework while a senior in high school gets 120 minutes.

However, when asked if her homework load was manageable, an NHS sophomore stated, “I just think with the workload that the teachers give they shouldn’t be giving us that much work because we come home, we have a life, and it just affects us in different aspects. Honestly I feel like it’s my first priority. I don’t want it to be because I have other priorities”.

In each school the 10-minute rule isn´t always applied, which leads to the question, how much homework is too much homework and is it beneficial? As well as do kids actually complete the homework they are assigned?

While asking groups of NHS students about how they feel about homework they expressed mixed opinions, a NHS sophomore stated “I don’t usually do it, so I don’t really care”.

While another NHS student exclaimed “Everyday, when I get home from practice I do my homework”.

Most of the NHS school population stated that they do not always do their homework, either because they don’t care to or because they don’t have enough time to complete it.

On the other hand when the group asked students at NHS if teachers should be allowed to give homework they all said “Yes they should be able to give homework it’s their right, but they should not give us as much because we have other classes”.

When an average senior in high school is spending 120 minutes or more on homework each night, after they have come home from practice or work is it really beneficial to them. A NHS senior explained that “It affects it a lot because I still won’t do it regardless and I work after school”. Another NHS senior proclaimed that “I feel like it sucks but I feel like they should teach in the classroom. We already have a lot to do outside the classroom like jobs”.

In certain subjects, homework is essential and needed in order to succeed in the class. When asked about why certain subjects give more homework a NHS Junior replied “Ms. Fitz[gerald] says she gives homework because you gotta remember the formulas. I feel like it depends on the teacher because some teachers don’t give a lot of homework but then the other ones do. AP class is giving you more homework because it’s an AP class”.

Most of the student body agreed that homework is beneficial when having to remember and practice certain skills, especially in math. As an NHS Physics teacher Mr. Varnado said “It is essential for practice.”

Overall the students at Naugatuck High School have expressed several opinions towards the topic of homework. The majority of the student body believes that it is essential and will put effort to complete it even if they are not fond of it.

In the question of keeping it or leaving it we believe that homework needs to be kept but at least in a regulated fashion so that students do not get overwhelmed.