New state laws target the legality of abortion

New state laws target the legality of abortion

Aidan Alexander, Joshua Lastra, and Brendon Soubannarath

Did you know that at just four weeks during the gestation period the fetus begins to develop the spinal cords and brain? Babies begin to develop key bodily functions early on in pregnancy. The fetus develops cognitive abilities such as distinguishing sounds around them as early as 5 weeks after conception. They may even begin to learn language (Mayo Clinic 2017).

By week 7 the baby’s head begins to develop and facial features begin to form by week 8. A fetus begins to obtain many body parts as the weeks progress until a child is viable at around 25 weeks. The fetus is considered to be unborn human.

According to WorldoMeters forty to fifty million abortions occur every day around the world. However, recently there have been many politicians standing up to show their opposition of abortions and even going as far as drafting and passing new laws that restrict when and who can obtain an abortion, and the doctors who perform these procedures could face life in prison in Alabama (Barnes 2019).

The state has seen a lot of hate lately after passing a law effectively banning abortion in the state. Many Republicans see the issue as a far worse situation as they believe the disposal of a fetus is unethical and inhumane.

Many believe that the case conflicts with the US Supreme Court Case law in the 1973 Roe V Wade case where a woman’s dual process clause of the 14th amendment violates a woman’s right to privacy in healthcare. This case has lead to many to believe Alabama has violated these rights for a women which has sparked huge national debates around them country. A lawsuit has been filed by the ACLU on behalf of the women of Alabama.

Not only babies are hurt by abortion. Abortion can cause detrimental effects on every individual involved. Whether the person is receiving the procedure or just naturally involved, it could be a very hard process. Most times a woman might feel wrong about the decision she made after it has happened.

However, there are some reasonable exceptions. If child is the product of sexual assault, incest, or under age pregnancy, these are determined to be reasonable exceptions. However, if a couple gets pregnant and does not want the baby an alternate solution could be to put it up for adoption at birth that way the child stays safe and will not have to grow up a foster child.

Abortion is an important issue that has continued to show a great deal of media coverage. Abortions are a serious topic of discussion that is never meant to hurt other people. Abortions should only occur at appropriate times and should never be taken lightly.