Ohio Abortion Bill Proposes Medically Impossible Procedure

Alivia Stonier, Staff Reporter

Ohio state representatives John Becker and Candice Keller, have attempted to introduce a bill in the House of Representatives that is both uneducated and disrespectful to women. 

What is the Bill that was announced as of April you may ask? Another new abortion bill. 

The bill aims to prevent non therapeutic abortions, and even targets the medical condition of ectopic pregnancy abortion procedures. This raised eyebrows among the medical community and public alike. 

An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy where the embryo attaches to the outside of the uterus or inside the fallopian tubes, instead of the inside of the uterus where the fetus should be. This results in fatality for the fetus, because a fertilized egg cannot survive outside of the uterus and if not taken care of can be life-threatening for the mother as it can cause health issues including loss of blood. 

According to verywellfamily.com, it is estimated one in every fifty pregnancies in America alone are ectopic. Ectopic pregnancies are the leading cause of death within the first trimester of a pregnancy, with 876 deaths caused from these cases between 1980 and 2007. 

To attempt to medically place the embryo into the proper location has been proven medically impossible by doctors. We do not have the technology yet where this would be a viable option as a procedure to properly perform and would only lead to miscarriage. 

The only thing this will do is affect the mental health and physical health of the woman carrying this embryo. To expect a woman to put her own life at risk for a pregnancy that is not viable is brutal. To expect a woman to mourn a lost pregnancy twice is inhumane. 

The bill will clearly do more harm than good as it will also raise mortality rates. The fact that these legislators did not do more research before trying to use their influence to create an anti-women bill is frustrating.

The bill also sets out, through the definition of non therapeutic abortions, to prevent abortions when the mother is not in harm’s way, originally making an exception for rape victims and incest but later redacted those exceptions.

To take this option away from sexual assault victims is something that I also view as insensitive and disgusting as it should be their decision. They did not choose to not use protection. They did not try to conceive. 

To try to tell women what to do with their bodies, when not even understanding the medical field’s abilities and what is medically possible or not, as well as the fact that Becker will never have to face carrying a child that has complications or a result of rape illustrates that John Becker is not qualified to attempt or advocate for potential laws of this nature, or to expect women to have that decision predetermined for them. 

According to the NCSL, with only 25-34% women occupying the Ohio legislature with 66-75% men. It is apparent as to why these gender oppressing bills are being formed, with multiple passing. There needs to be a bridge in this gap for the future of women in Ohio.

As for Candice Keller, who is a woman with two sons –  I am saddened to see a woman who has gone through pregnancy to support something so outlandish, and support something that is limiting the freedom and rights of women that have been fought for over centuries. I am glad that she does not have a daughter who will experience the carrying and birth of children knowing that her mother has written something that will fight against her future decisions. 

This bill has not yet been made law, and I hope for the future of women and healthcare that steps are taken in the other direction in the future. This bill should never see the light of day as a functioning law. I truly hope that the women of Ohio can find their voices once again. 

Stay strong women of Ohio your body is not something for the state to claim and control, it is yours, and yours alone. The final result is being awaited, I hope the Ohio legislature will make a fair and caring decision for all future mothers and women alike.