NHS welcomes Mrs. Russell as a new dean


Liz Kilmer

Elizabeth Kilmer, Senior Editor

After 36 years of teaching at Naugatuck High School, math department head Mrs. Michelle Russell is taking on a new position –  interim dean. Right after Veteran’s Day she was approached by the administration staff and offered the position. 

It was decided that based on her experience and the respect the students give her, she’d be a perfect fit. 

“She’s one of those people that is in education for all of the right reasons,” says current dean, Mr. James Leary. “I think when she is dealing with a situation being able to know how to put herself into the shoes of a student and the shoes of a parent,  with her experience and personality she is going to be very successful.”

In this new position Mrs. Russell will have almost all the same responsibilities as the deans. She will make disciplinary decisions when needed and work with students that need one-on-one help. 

Mr. Leary points out, “In our administration being run by four males, having a female administrator to give her perspective will be incredibly helpful.”

Mrs. Russell told The Greyhound News she’s slightly nervous about the new day to day behind the scenes work she will be adjusting to, however she has high expectations for herself with this new role. 

Hailey Russell, senior class president and Mrs. Russell’s daughter, says she’s excited to see her mom take on a new role. 

I am very excited for my mom and her new position! She has worked so hard and truly cares about all of the students here at NHS. I know she will do a great job.

“I’m most looking forward to meeting more students than the ones I have in my classes,” Mrs. Russell said. “I want to try to instill the spirit that I have for this school, how much I love everything about Naugatuck High School and the community into the students. I hope that I can make an impact and influence students to try harder and do better, to just enjoy school.”

Nicholas DaSilva, senior class officer says, “Mrs. Russell is one of the most welcoming and caring teachers at Naugatuck. She has pushed me since freshman to do my best and become the very best person I can by preparing me for my future at college and life in general.”

The Naugatuck High School student body is excited to see Mrs. Russell take on a new role within our community.

“She’s always very positive and upbeat, she’s kinda the person that always lights up a room when she walks in. Mr. Mariano and I are both very excited to have her to help us and see her fresh lookout on things,” Mr. Leary told The Greyhound News.