America has found Joe Biden’s hope more appealing than Trump’s ego


Julia Kropo, Staff Reporter

The past few months have felt like years. On top of Covid-19 still spreading, racial injustice still existing, and protesters still marching, the race to find the next president of the United States took place. Joe Biden and Donald Trump fought long and hard for the leadership of our country. The presidential debates were heated, the candidate’s rallies were packed, and no republican or democrat could see eye to eye. In the end, vice president Joe Biden and senator Kamala Harris were victorious. 

Joe Biden won the most votes for any election in U.S. history with a record-breaking number of about 80 million voters. Joe? Sleepy Joe Biden won? Some people just couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Donald Trump and some other Americans claimed that the election was rigged, the votes were miscounted, or Trump’s votes were lost. Joe Biden didn’t win because the election was fixed, he won because his hope and unity were more appealing to Americans than Trump’s ego.

Under Trump’s leadership, fear and anger were frequently expressed by the American people, mainly democrats. Trump did wonders for the economy, but his handling of Covid-19, controversial impulsive decisions, and lack of empathy for those affected by his actions didn’t sit well with America. 

As a young woman in America, I feel safer having Joe Biden in office. One reason is because of Vice-president- Elect Kamala Harris, and the other is because decisions that will affect our country won’t be relayed on Donald Trump to make anymore. 

Kamala Harris won’t only be a strong vice president, but a confident role model to the younger generation of our country. Harris has set an example for all girls and women of the U.S. During her victory speech Harris exclaimed, “Every girl watching tonight sees that this is a country of possibilities”. I also believe that her assistance to Joe will help heal the U.S. of the recent struggles and hurt we have experienced. 

The United States has experienced plenty of hardship under Trump’s leadership this past year. I feel as if Trump’s controversial decisions to originally downplay the coronavirus, claim to fire Dr. Fauci if he gets reelected, and to not mandate masks stems from his ego. I also think the way he approached the black community during a time where they were scared for their lives was unacceptable. On Twitter, Trump described anti-mask protestors as “good people that want their lives back again.” But when commenting on the Black Lives Matter protests, he described the protesters as “thugs and that when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. As a leader of the U.S., I find this unacceptable and scary.

Mrs. Carolyne Dymond, a teacher at Naugatuck High School, feels similarly. She states, “Personally, I think knowing that there is a person in the Oval Office who does not take everything personally and doesn’t try to exact revenge makes me feel safer”.

At the end of the day, America has decided to settle for Joe. 79,693,395 Americans have found Joe Biden’s hope more appealing than Donald Trump’s ego, and I couldn’t agree with America more