NHS celebrates the Top 5% Ceremony

Alivia Stonier, Senior Editor

The Naugatuck High School 5 percent Jacket Ceremony took place April 21st in the auditorium and was available online for friends and family to view due to COVID restrictions.

The event was an hour and a half dedicated to honoring these students who have worked so hard to earn their spot in the top 5% of their class for grades 10 through 12. 

Each student received an honorary jacket for their achievement and seniors received a speech on their behalf from a teacher or staff member of their choice. 

Laraine Weschler

These students work incredibly hard and truly embody the vision of the graduate in the work that they have done and continue to do in order to achieve such a status. 

For this reason it is a great way to celebrate their academic achievements. I have the pleasure of interviewing one of the students who received this honor. 

 Nicole Smith, a 21’ recipient of this honor, had this to say when asked about what this experience means to her.

“Being in the top 5% was important to me because it exemplifies how hard I have worked and continued to work in high school in order to be academically successful. I feel proud to receive this honor.”

Nicole also gave a word of advice for students whose goal is to also reach the top 5% in their academic futures. 

“To any students working towards this goal I would tell them to continue to be on top of their work and try their best in every class.” 

These students are a true example of how hard work can pay off in the long one while in the high school years of your academic journey.

Especially during the time of Covid, the ceremony is a great way for students to be able to feel that their hard work is paying off. These students have prevailed in their academics even with the adjustment of online learning and cohorting. The dedication to their studies is clear. 

It is also a great way for teachers to be able to connect to students through the speeches they give to show how truly proud of them they are for their work and allow them to be recognized by them as well.

Congratulations to everyone who was honored this year including, Josephine Burke, Jodie Saint Paul, Michael Deitelbaum, Emily Sturtevant, Aubrey Deller, Vivien Szaniszlo, Sophia Farias, Dylan Trochsler, Sydney Hunt, Angelena Wendland Adrian Ocampo, Kathleen Yu, Angelina Pires, Queena Yu Britney Amankwah, Keira De Leon, Tenzin Dhondup, Matilda Kutschinski, Nora Lippia, Alexus Martin, Samantha Mullin, Tiffany Nguyen, Tatiana Rodrigues, Juliana Sarbieski, Alyse Stauffer, and Vicki Weng for the class of 23’ and 22’

I am sure they will continue to thrive in their junior and senior years as they near the next step of their lives. They have truly put their best foot forward thus far. 

As for the graduating class of 21’ a congratulations to, Ashley Antunes, Faith Arcuri, Rebecca Carney, Justin Carroll, Kasia Deptula, Sage Hovancc, Jayden Nobel, Angelina Oliveira, Diana Rebelo, Alyssa Roberts, Kassandra Rodrigues, Livia Sarnelli, and Nicole Smith. 

May you have the best of success in your futures as you graduate. This night was one that students and their families won’t forget.