NHS football team has high hopes for this season


Aaron A Barnes, Staff Reporter

For the 2021 season, the Naugatuck High School Football team has made many changes due to Covid-19, with one of those changes being hiring a brand new coaching staff and they’re on a path to victory.

The football season is back and Naugatuck is ready for action. Under the new coaching staff put together by former Woodland Head coach and new NHS PE teacher and head coach, Chris Anderson, Naugatuck hopes to become a force to be reckoned with this season.

The fear of the season being canceled, however, is still looming over many people’s heads. 

“Covid is still affecting protocols, wearing a mask which no one really wants to do but we have to do. Also, the fact that when somebody is not feeling good there’s always that stigma of ‘could it be Covid or is it just a cold?” Coach Anderson said when asked if Covid is still affecting him and the team.

Coach Anderson was one of five candidates selected by NHS when they began their search for a head coach and he’s really settling into his new role. 

“It feels refreshing in the sense that I could help young people play again.” Anderson answered when he was asked about being able to coach after the season got canceled last year. 

Coach Anderson’s effort was shown during the team’s game against St. Paul’s last Friday, the team scored a whopping 41 points during the first quarter leading them to win 53-6 giving the team a 2-1 record. 

The team has some great players but the most notable players are among the seniors. They have been working their hardest and working to lead their team to victory while working with their fellow upperclassmen and teaching their underclassmen.

Helping the team offensively is sophomore Jett Hall who leads the rushing attack. Defensively, junior linebacker Michael Deitelbaum is one of the top tacklers. 

“The Seniors have been awesome as far as being dedicated and working hard while leading the younger people in the program.” Anderson said when asked about the talent of the seniors on the team. 

The Greyhounds’ next challenge will be against the Kennedy Falcons at Municipal Stadium this Saturday at 10:00 am. The Falcons are coming off a blowout loss against Woodland giving them a 2 game losing streak.