The married teachers of NHS tell us about their working relationships


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Sarah Redente, Staff Reporter

On average, there are more working married couples than normal at Naugatuck High School in 2021. We have 3!

Married teachers at the high school speak about their experience here with their spouses over the past couple of years. Mr. David Dymond, a math interventionist is married to Mrs. Carolyne Dymond, an English teacher. Mr. Brian Mariano, the Athletic Director and Dean of Students is married to Mrs. Ashley Mariano, a math teacher, and Mr. Sean Dunn, a P.E. teacher is married to Mrs. Michele Dunn, an English teacher. 

These teachers have taught at this school ranging from 3 to 21 years. Some have been here for their entire careers, while some are starting a new career. It seems to be that partner influence plays a big role when ending up at the same school. 

“I thought about subbing to see if I liked it because she loves her job so much,” Mr. Dymond stated. 

Each couple has agreed that there are more positives than negatives with working in the same building. Just one negative was brought up during an interview with Mr. Dymond. 

“Some days we would just see each other too much and it’s kind of enough for one day.” 

However, 10th grade English teacher, Mrs. Dunn, loves seeing her spouse throughout the day. “He stops by to say hello and it always makes my day.” 

Another positive that was brought up between the couples was getting to know their students well. 

“We have a shared purpose at work,” claimed Mr. Mariano. 

At the end of the day, the couples are each other’s support system in school and at home. 

For school, listening to one another is common. “Not every day is great, there’s a lot of hard days,” Mr. Dymond told The Greyhound News, and when that happens, he will then give advice just like Mr. Mariano who “offers help/solutions.” 

Since not every day is a school day, they still need to support each other out of school to keep that healthy marriage. Mrs. Dunn and Mr. Dymond both talked about how sharing responsibilities at home is huge. For example, if one cooked, the other would clean. 

“We know that it’s important to have fun in our time off, so we seek out experiences like seeing Broadway shows, going to baseball games, and traveling,” said Mrs. Dunn.

On weekends at the Dymonds’ house, they take time for themselves. “We’re kind of like homebodies,” says Mr. Dymond. Although during the summertime and fall, they like to travel. Vermont is one of their favorite places. 

Each couple has their way of doing life together and making their marriage healthy, but as far as working together, each couple isn’t so different.