NHS teachers are happy to be back in person


Marcus Baptist, Staff Reporter

Naugatuck High School staff are happy to come back for the 2021 school year, welcoming students for in person learning after the last two years on lockdown but with some students struggling getting back into the swing of things.

With 50,000 school teachers being vaccinated they come back to school happy to see students in person after a long time of struggling with online and student effort. Many teachers believe students’ skills have dropped not on their own accord.

Both Mr. Alexander Barton and Mrs. Andrea Fitzgerald mentioned the fact that there are students coming back to school with much higher scores but with less social skills than they had a short time ago.

“You have the juniors and seniors who have been students pretty much through their  careers so they are appreciating being back in school,” said Mrs. Andrea Fitzgerald. This problem has mainly been seen in the younger kids such as sophomore and freshman who have not been in school to experience what high school is like and the way it should operate. 

  With teachers coming back they are happy no matter what because the reason they chose to teach wasn’t for themselves but for their students.

“You become teachers to teach 20-25 kids not to teach 4 kids in person and everyone else online, you want to have that connection and that atmosphere in front of you,”  Mr. Alexander Barton said wonderfully on how not only students were affected positively with everyone being back.