McDonald’s rejected


Daeden Beck, Senior Reporter

McDonald’s fast food restaurant company.  Starting in 1940 as nothing more than a brother owned business, McDonald’s has grown to a multibillion dollar company.  

From farm to processing plant to table, McDonald’s has been providing people around the world with unhealthy living since 1967.  This year marks the first time McDonald’s extended its claws out of the U.S. to British Columbia. 

Why shouldn’t there be a McDonald’s in every corner of the world? The beautiful snow capped mountains of British Columbia pairs well with the smell of a global corporation setting up shop in your town.  

Yangshuo County, China contains beautiful landscapes, miles of mountains, vast rivers, and a McDonald’s built into it all.  Nothing shows true culture in a tourism town than an American Corporation putting their name on it.

The Baths of Caracalla, an ancient structure in the culture of Rome.  Seeing many visitors each tourism season, why shouldn’t it have McDonald’s drive through at it?

With over 50 restaurants in Rome, McDonald’s wanted to capitalize on another historic landmark by building a drive through just across the street.  After all, think of how many tourists drive by it.

After starting in 2018, McDonald’s has faced criticism from the public due to the area being a World Heritage Site. Eventually, the local government intervened and temporarily stopped construction.  

The culture minister of Italy, Alberto Bonisoli, with praise from Rome mayor Virginia Raggi, revoked McDonald’s permission to build.

McDonald’s, being a true story of capitalistic power, fought back and took this case to a higher court in Italy.  This higher authority court upheld the decision and confirmed that McDonald’s cannot build so close to ancient monuments.

Italy stands as the most recent country to push back against the McDonald’s Corporation, supported by its citizens.