Honoring Women: CNN’s Clarissa Ward


Photo Credit: The Wrap

Matt Kilmer, Senior Reporter

People tend to underestimate, underappreciate, and mock the jobs of journalists on a daily basis. That is why now, more than ever, we need to acknowledge and commend journalists for their bravery and willingness to travel to a place in the midst of war namely Ukraine.  Someone that has showed great courage during their time reporting in Ukraine is CNN Clarissa Ward, who has stopped at nothing in her pursuit of the truth during this tragic wartime scenario.  This is something that adds tremendously to the legacy of female war reporters.

Clarissa Ward is a decorated reporter that has been on the frontlines for a multitude of news stations in her fifteen years, including Syria, Iran, Ukraine, and various other places around the world.  

The British-American reporter was born on January thirty-first of 1980, and spent her childhood years growing up and learning in both London and New York City.  She graduated from Yale in 2002, and began her journalism career in 2003 with Fox News.  Over the next twelve years, she would report for Fox News until 2007 when she would move on to ABC News.  Her stay there was short, as she moved on to CBS after just three years.  Ward worked with CBS from 2011 to 2014, and finally joined her current home on CNN in early 2015.

Over that span, she would be based in Lebanon, Russia, Japan, and Afghanistan.  Since her arrival to CNN, she has been wildly successful and accomplished many major feats, one of which being reporting in the Taliban controlled Afghanistan.  This was something extremely courageous given the way that strong and independent women, and women in general, are viewed by the Taliban. 

“You’re essentially invisible,” Ward said, “They don’t look at you.  They don’t address you.  They don’t talk to you.”

 Her riveting interviews went viral, as they showed just how misogynistic and sexist the Taliban are, amongst other things.  Her coverage was truly astounding, staying calm and collected when she was told to stand off to the side due to her being a woman. 

Now, most recently, she has had more coverage clips of hers go viral during her time stationed in Ukraine.  While in the midst of her coverage on live television, she stopped everything in order to help a Ukrainian man and woman down a tough path.  It is those kinds of things that speak to her real character and humanity, and helps us understand why she is such a well respected journalist.