Join NHS freshmen tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays in S191


Photo Credit: Eliviah Schroeder

NHS is seeing an uptick in participation in its free tutoring service for freshmen on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:00-4:00 pm in geophysical science teacher Mr.Jones’ room, S191.

No sign-ups are required for this program that began in January of last year. 

The teachers who run this program, Mr.Robert Jones, Mr.David Dymond, Mrs.Maeghann Vitti, Mr.Peter Kovalski, and Mr.Alexander Barton make this possible. Mr.Jones, who works with Mrs.Vitti, one of the school counselors; Mr.Dymond, a math interventionist; Mr.Kovalski, an access teacher; and Mr.Barton, a business teacher; make this program possible by dividing into their specialties to conquer the work with students needed for them to complete and understand assignments they needed extra help with.

Mr.Jones, who specializes in earth sciences, helps students with any missing assignments in science that they don’t understand while Mr.Dymond works with students struggling in mathematics. Mr.Kovalski and Mr.Barton help specifically with English assignments so Mrs.Vitti can work on sending information to parents, students, and teachers about the program.

Mrs.Vitti uses her resources as a school counselor to spread the word about tutoring to both students and parents by sending out brochures through the mail and sending those brochures to every freshman classroom so people have the opportunity to get that extra information. 

When asked how she has seen the freshman tutoring positively impact students, Mrs.Vitti said, “Most of the students who have attended are coming back regularly. It’s providing them a space to get help or work on assignments which they otherwise might not do. For those students who have come back regularly, I have seen an increase in class grades and a decrease in missing assignments. So far, it’s been going well. We welcome all grade 9 students to attend, whether they need help with a class, or just would like a space to work on assignments.”

Because the program is completely free, the participating teachers are volunteering four hours weekly after their shift during school hours to help freshmen be more successful.

“My grade went from a 73 to an 83 in geophysical science and it can go up on one tutoring day because you can get the assignments done and email your teacher when you’re done but if you have more it may take more than one day,” said freshman Alicia Jordan who attends the program.

As this program continues, we can expect this program to increase in popularity and demand as the quarter closes and grades solidify. 

So if you’re part of the class of 2026 and need that extra support, go to the free freshman tutoring program on Tuesday or Thursday from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in room S191.