Naugy athletes prepare for winter season

As NHS fall sports come to a wrap, athletes are now beginning to prepare for the winter season. Whether it’s in the pool, on the court, mat, or track, Naugy’s seniors are getting ready for their last winter season.

Naugy’s cheer team will continue their competitions and game day performances from the fall throughout the winter, now cheering for our basketball teams.As for the basketball squad, the girls shot their chance at trying out for the team on November 28-30, following their first official practice on December 1st.

For the Boys Basketball team, tryouts were held from December 1-3 and their season commenced on December 5th.

The boys Swim and Dive team along with the Indoor track team both kicked off their seasons during their opening practice on December 1st.

The Indoor track team decided to take a jump start into their anticipated season by participating in the Hillhouse Time Trial in New Haven on Saturday, December 3rd.

At the end of this winter season, NHS athletics will say goodbye to:

Ashley Airall

Ayana Williams

Blake Stone

Brendan Lyles

Danaya Williams

David Cocchiola

Dillion Gray

Everett Kiernan

Hudson Bombery

Indya Waller

Jabari Gray

Jack Healy

Jaesah Perry

Janelle Escalante

Jayda Costa

Jayson Main

Jodie Saint Paul

Jules DeBrum

Justice Santiago

Lauren Sonski

Lauryn Ramalho

Leticia DoNascimento

Matthew Davy

Michael Deitelbaum

Mickaela Quezada Gaona

Pedro Crivella

Phoenix Levy

Samantha Tyler

Serene Parker

Shayne Hasipi

Sophia DeFillippo

Stephanie Sutherland

Thomas Barry

Vanash Motiani-Rincon

Vedley Valmyr


As this fresh new season begins, many of our seniors have been setting standards and goals for their team 

and themselves, hoping to improve their skills in the sport as well as their conceptual outlook on the game. 

“I really want to keep improving on my mental aspect of the game. Basketball is a very intellectual game and I always take pride in being one of the smartest players on the court.” said Thomas Barry, a senior on the NHS boys basketball team.

Although these taxing sports can take a toll on these young athletes, many of our graduating seniors feel the friendships made in the sport are worthwhile, along with the continuous strive to maintain high standards and goals for themselves during competitions, meets, and games.

“My favorite part about Indoor Track and Field is the team atmosphere of it. We have a really good connection as a team and we are all pretty good friends with each other.” said Brendan Lyles, a senior on the Indoor Track and Field team.

While bonding with new coaches and overcoming team relationship obstacles, Naugy continues to come out on top, shares Lauryn Ramalho, a girls basketball senior and senior cheerleader Jules DeBrum.

As Naugy’s winter sports program continues to rack up NVL titles, this graduating class looks forward to these championships and hopes to continue these successes to close out their time in the sport.

During the course of Naugatuck seniors athletic seasons, these notable athletes have built long-lasting friendships, accomplished the unthinkable, and reached goals they couldn’t even see 4 years ago. Although our athletes will be greatly missed, many can’t wait to have their best season yet, and are excited for the great opportunities that lie ahead.