School girl lies about alleged assault

A sixth grade Catholic school student in Northern Virginia lied about a racial and cultural bullying issue only for it to be revealed that the whole report had been fabricated in September. 

Twelve year old Amari Allen from Northern Virginia told the heartbreaking story of three fellow classmates who held her down and cut off her dreadlocks and ridiculing her on the school playground during recess. 

The original report broke on September 27th of 2019, after the incident garnered attention with the help of Karen Pence, the Vice President’s wife. Only for the story to be proven a false accusation, just three days later on September 30th.

Both the family and Amari have since come forward publicly, apologizing to these boys. There has been no word of punishment through the school for this act, though the family has said she will be getting therapy from a mental health professional moving forward and that they are sorry for betraying the public’s trust. The boys and their families have not spoken out.

“Issues like this shouldn’t be published without all of the facts and being thoroughly investigated and dealt with,” said Mrs. Horgan, an NHS Teacher about the issue of a false school assault accusation going public.  

“I’d like to see the school take a proactive approach to bullying, and protecting all of the youth from public exposure and acts like these. They should take more notice of issues taking place within the school.” 

Amari Allen has certainly learned from this event as well as the school. The public will have to see what verdict in regards to in school punishment comes out of this though it may remain a private matter.