Couple confesses to the murder of Fort Hood soldier

Army soldier, Vanessa Guillen, was murdered in April after being sexually harassed at Fort Hood Army Base by fellow soldier Aaron David Robinson. 

Vanessa Guillen, a 20 year old soldier eager to serve her country, was a Private First Class training to be a Specialist. 

On April 22, she was murdered by Aaron David Robinson and his girlfriend, Cecily Aguilar. After changing their story multiple times, Aguilar confessed to the police that Robinson beat Guillen with a hammer. That same night Robinson and Aguilar disposed of the body in the Leon River in Belton, Texas. 

Vanessa Guillen’s mother, Gloria Guillen, revealed that Vanessa was being sexually harassed by Aaron Robinson. Guillen had seen a picture of Cecily Aguilar, former wife of a soldier Steve Campion, and threatened to report the affair.  

Vanessa Guillen was reported missing on April 22. Robinson ordered Guillen to deliver paperwork about a machine gun. Later that day, her ID card and two sets of keys were found in her workshop. 

On April 23, The U.S Army Criminal Investigation Command received word that Robinson was the last one seen at the base. Robinson denied having any connection with Guillen’s disappearance. 

On July 1, she was found dead by suicide and Cecily Aguilar was arrested. Guillen’s body was identified on July 6.

In the year 2019, there were 7,825 reported sexual harassment cases. A large increase from 2018 with 1,021 cases. Today there are 12 cases of missing soldiers connected to sexual assault in Fort Hood.

Vanessa Guillen dreamed of being a soldier since she was 10. 

“My sister did not deserve to suffer. My sister did not deserve this. My family did not deserve this.” Vanessa Guillen’s sister Lue said at a press conference. “If those criminals are still out there, take my word that we will not rest, we will not stop fighting until you are behind bars because you are a disgrace to humanity.”