Louis Tomlinson wins Artist of the Summer


Louis Tomlinson is a twenty eight year old British artist who, in January of 2020 released his first solo album Walls the album is full of honesty and emotion as the artist takes the listener through events in his life within the music.

Tomlinson is previously known for being one of the members of the largest boy band in decades known as One Direction. Though he has grown so much further since then, now having the capability to fully express himself away from what many consider toxic management. His music has always proven to be carefully crafted and true to himself even with the hurdles presented.

Since the albums release Tomlinson has garnered over a billion streams across platforms this show of support was further cemented when he was awarded artist of the summer on 96.5 TDY Just this past month. This was run all through fan votes with him gaining over 26 billion points towards the award 5 times the amount of the popular kpop group BTS. 

The artist made his appreciation heard on the air stating, “The fans are ‘Dedicated, loyal, and crazy.'”

This was an important milestone for both the artist and supporters alike, as this was his first award to be given since leaving his record label completely in July of this year. 

The celebration within the fandom didn’t end there, on October 1st Walls a whopping eight months after release hit number one on the Itunes music charts. Moving Tomlinson’s album over a thousand spots in a rapid amount of time. This is almost unheard of.

“You guys are unbelievable!” said the artist when he took to Twitter to once again show appreciation. Interacting with fans for over an hour.  #ProudOfLouis was trending, not for the first time this month. With the hashtag originally being used years ago by former bandmate Harry Styles. The fans clearly remain dedicated and feel a close connection to the artist.

“I’ve always been really touched by Louis’s music, he’s an incredibly talented man that has the power to inspire and support all his fans. It’s impressive how much he has gone through and still manages to be positive and keep a smile on his face, and still look out for us,” says May, 16, a fan of Louis Tomlinson. 

She stated when asked what Louis Tomlinson means to her. The impact goes even deeper for many fans who have found recognition of themselves and solace within Tomlinson and his work. 

“Louis encouraged me to not give up. His music helped me heal in my darkest times when I thought nothing could ever bring me hope. Him going through his journey of ‘finding his voice’ made me realise I have so much of time to find out about myself. And that I should be patient about it. He truly makes me feel loved and accepted and that’s why I look up to him. I am proud of him for being him,” said Ira, a fan. 

This was echoed by many others. “Louis taught me to not give up when things are going wrong. That everything will be alright at the end and to keep strong… To not let others underestimate you or tell you that you aren’t enough, because you are. I’m really proud to call myself a fan of his,” said Dafne, another fan. 

The artist throughout the years has shown his mutual appreciation to the fans, It is a relationship that is special and truly organic to see from an artist that has been in the industry for so long and since he was very young it is more of a wholesome and precious bond. 

Fans are also excited as they can expect a new bonus track coming out very soon on what is expected to be a Deluxe Edition of Walls. It is clear that Tomlinson has more art to create that will just strengthen the connection to his listeners. As well as even more people that will be impacted by what he has to say. 

The supporters are proud I am much more greatness is expected to come. I wish Tomlinson the best myself as I am excited to see what he makes next as a fellow fan. Whatever his next endeavor may be, he will do so in a way that leaves a lasting positive impact.