Charlie Brotman announces his 17th inauguration

On January 6th 2021, in Washington DC, broadcaster Charlie Brotman returned to announce his 17th presidential inauguration, after being replaced in 2017.

D.C broadcasting legend, Charlie Brotman, has been the inaugural parade announcer ever since inaugurations were shown on television. He began his career in 1949, while still in broadcasting school, when his professor chose him to announce President Truman’s parade. After making a good impression on the public, he was chosen as the official inaugural announcer by Eisenhower in 1957.

Brotman had been the announcer for 10 different presidents and announced 16 different inaugurations, up until 2017, when the Trump administration chose a freelance broadcaster, named Steve Ray, for the job. 

Brotman was, however, gifted an invitation to attend, which he declined, saying how he felt hurt and disappointed.

“In taking Brotman away for his inauguration, Donald Trump showed great disrespect towards United States traditions and its people,” Josephine Burke says, keen activist and class president.

Brotman himself believes that the inaugural parade is an extension and an expression of each president’s personality. Who they invite, the events that take place and the cohesion of it all can not only help to foreshadow the success of the presidency, but also shine a light on the presidents’ pasts. Any mistake or controversy in the inaugural parade will be highlighted much more than the successes because as the most powerful person in the country, presidents are held at a higher standard and scrutinized thoroughly and consistently.

Upon receiving the news that the Biden-Harris administration wanted him to return to his role, Brotman expressed great gratitude and excitement. However, as a 93-year-old amidst a pandemic- where the elderly are most vulnerable- the greatest challenge was allowing him to do his job, whilst putting him at as little risk as possible.

The solution to this was to pre-record his script from his assisted-living complex in Silver Spring, Maryland. Despite how much he would have loved to be there in person, able to talk to the president personally, Brotman explains how he was honoured to be a piece of the puzzle in such a great day for America. This would be his 17th Inauguration for his 11th president.

In an interview with TIME magazine on January 20th 2021, Brotman explains how he has never, and would never, accept payment for his role. Seeing as it is such an honour and a privilege, he would be more likely to pay for his job than accept payment for it, which showcases Brotman’s dedication and commitment to his role, as well as his admirable patriotism. 

Brotman is a legend and an inspiration, not only to the people of Washington D.C, but to the nation. Respecting his dedication, by giving him job security, is the least a president could do. Any president should feel honoured to have Brotman as a part of their parade and should look to him as a source of knowledge. No matter how many years he will be around to do the job for, his legacy should live forever.