Olivia Rodrigo Releases Her Debut Album

The 18 year old up and coming singer Olivia Rodrigo from Temecula California, has released her debut album Sour. The brand new body of work features eleven tracks from the young artist that detail the experience of navigating heartbreak after relationships. 

The most notable track is “Driver’s License”, the artist’s first ever single to be released from this album. The track amassed a chart topping audience with over one hundred million streams on Spotify and is the fastest to ever do so. It also broke the record of having the most streams in a single day that was not a holiday on Spotify.

Having followed the release of the single, Rodrigo has since performed at The Brit Awards, as well as popular comedy television show SNL and The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon. It is clear that the artist is making her mark from the very start of her musical endeavors.

Olivia Rodrigo is also known for her work as the role of Nini on the Disney Plus original show High School Musical the Musical: The Series, where viewers have been able to see her talent and vocal abilities shine. The show has even featured her original work with a track titled “All I Want.” The original work was a first glimpse of what would come. 

Prior to the release of the full album her tracks “Deja Vu” and “Good 4 U” have taken the public by storm with over one hundred and five million streams on YouTube combined.

She has also been dubbed as this generation’s Taylor Swift, being recognized for her craft through the well chosen lyrics and small details incorporated into her music videos that accompany the tracks. The artist has discussed Swift being her biggest idol and one of her dearest inspirations. 

Many fans are also excited to see a Filipino young woman being represented so largely in the music industry and in the recent media.

Sour opens with a moody grunge track that serves the listener with electric guitar and blunt lyrics of a pessimistic outlook reminiscent of the 90s artists like Bikini Kill or Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.

The last track however leaves you on a sweet note of hope for others in her past, and many moments in the album feature a more gentle touch of emotion. 

The new album gives a raw and honest insight into the young love Rodrigo has experienced and the healing process of a love gone sour. 

It also touches on appearance, self worth, and the influence that others can make on your view of the world and most importantly yourself. It is very in tune with current issues for people especially so consumed by the digital age where a person for comparison is just a click away.

The importance of also opening up about heartbreak and the negative behaviors or emotions that may accompany is a valuable factor. With many women facing internalized misogyny for their feelings in a romantic context and how their feelings may manifest in the media and entertainment industry.

This body of work features a vulnerability that is admirable and candid. The world can’t wait to see what Olivia Rodrigo has in store for listeners next. It is clear she is already making an influence on adolescence especially. This is just the beginning.