Netflix’s “Wednesday” is a hit


Photo Credit: Elle Magazine

Wednesday, November 23rd the new Netflix show ‘Wednesday,’ directed by American filmmaker Tim Burton was released.

The show is a spinoff of the film series ‘The Addams Family.’ The show is focused on the daughter, Wednesday, a death-obsessed teen turned high-school sleuth. 

The show starts off showing Wednesday and her younger brother Pugsley at their town’s public school. After she has an altercation with one of the students, she is sent to Nevermore Academy. The school is for outcasts, and, there,  she attempts to master her psychic abilities, prevent a killing spree and solve the mystery that involved her parents 25 years before.

It was a generally well-received television series and is the number-one series on Netflix as of today, December 1st. During an interview with Greyhound News, one fan said It’s truly an amazing show, I wish it didn’t stop. I’ve been a fan since the older movies.”

In another interview with Greyhound News, Destiny Marquez, a former student at Naugatuck High School said, “I loved it. Jenna Ortega really did a good job acting as Wednesday. Throughout the whole the entire season, there was never one episode in that I was bored. It always had suspense and I always wanted to see more.”

Can’t say enough about this jaw-dropping show… it gave me a punch right back to when I was a kid watching Addams family. The girl looks and acts just like the original. Now Morticia and Gomez, not so much on the look-alike but a decent job on acting. But overall all I enjoyed it very much so. Looking forward to the next chapter,” wrote a person on the show’s “Audience Reviews” section on google.

Luis Guzmán was a perfect choice for the role of Gomez Addams. Although he does not follow the standard idea of what he would look like in real life, he honors the way Mr. Addams looks in the cartoons. Guzmán was hand-picked by Tim Burton for that specific reason!

Although Wednesday is in her Nevermore school uniform most of the time, when she is lounging around in her dorm or dancing around at a school dance, her outfits never disappoint. The way they dress her perfectly displays how a teenage Wednesday would dress. The way they keep her dark theme throughout her outfits truly honors the character.

This show is creepy, and charming, which makes it truly extraordinary. Even those who do not usually watch a series will not regret their decision to enjoy this one. The costumes are incredible, Wednesday’s character is amazing and Jenna Ortega did an extraordinary job portraying her. Let’s hope they renew for another season.