Rapper Coolio dies


The Guardian

Photo Credit: DPA Picture Alliance

On September 28th at 2:30 AM PT, “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper Coolio was found dead on the bathroom floor while at a friend’s house in Los Angeles. The cause of death has been determined as a heart attack.

After being in the bathroom for an extended period of time, the friend became concerned. After he didn’t respond to his name being called, the unidentified friend entered the bathroom to find the rapper lying on the bathroom floor. 

An ambulance was called and EMTs pronounced him dead on the scene. Paramedics suspect that he went into cardiac arrest, but the official cause of death was not determined until October 14th, when the late rapper’s son revealed that he had passed from a heart attack and his death had nothing to do with drugs.

When asked what her reaction was to the passing of Coolio, a fan, Catrina Dias quoted him “Life is too short not to have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.”

“He was not afraid of death. For him, it was another step to paradise,” said his oldest son, Artis Ivey III, said in an interview with Fox News.

 “It was a complete shock. At the same time, our father always prepared us for something that might happen. My father was a very spiritual person.”

The death of Coolio, legally known as Artis Leon Ivey Jr, has shocked the entertainment world. After his death, celebrities including Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Michelle Pfeiffer, and others offered their condolences. He was cremated in a private ceremony and had his ashes turned into a necklace for his family, and ten children. Each necklace is inscribed with a personal message from Coolio. 

“He didn’t want a traditional funeral service, he wanted everyone to celebrate his spirit. I’m gonna celebrate his life for the rest of my life, while he continues his voyage into paradise, you never truly die if your spirit is still strong.”