Teachers must maintain a professional line on social media


Photo Credit: BBC

A Champion High School teacher resigned after admitting to sending and receiving distasteful and indecent messages through text social media to a student. 

“When confronted with the allegation, the teacher acknowledged she engaged students in inappropriate communications via text and social media and resigned from her employment with the school district. Our internal investigation of this matter is ongoing,” Principal Beto Hinojosa of Champion High School said in a letter to parents, according to ksat.com.

This disgusting behavior between a child and their teacher is just one example of a drastically increasing epidemic. 

“I don’t think any circumstances warrant students and teachers communicating that way,” she said. “I think there’s great potential for the lines of respect and influence to get fuzzy,” parent Stefani McNair said on educationworld.com.

Although Naugatuck Public Schools do not have specific guidelines regarding whether or not students and teachers may follow each other on social media, most teachers determined they like to keep a fastidious view. 

“I’ve always maintained that students cannot follow me until they graduate so that I keep a professional line drawn with them. I think it depends on the content the teacher puts on social media,” said Mrs. Michele Dunn, a sophomore English teacher at NHS.

Another case back in 2019 from San Diego brought to light how Tim Medlock; Westview High Schools’ physical education teacher, was sending a student multiple indecent messages over a year-long period including, “Should I be jealous you have a new bff? ;)”, “U just better not for get me,”, and “Night night sweetie.”

Genuine teachers have recently found a new way to suitably incorporate social media into their classrooms. 

Sakina Qasim Zaidi from The International School according to IOL.co.za suggests, “Teachers can create class groups and stream live lectures, post discussion questions, assign homework and make class announcements.”

As well as sharing school news and achievements on social media and including LMS; Learning Management Systems, where students can chat, watch videos and forums, share lesson resources, and watch webinars or blogs in shared groups.

Students and teachers should share a space that feels welcoming and trusting, yet still has boundaries. Without these barriers, how can children learn and teachers feel respected?